Tesla Semi, Model Y debut in a popular video game: PUBG Mobile

In collaboration with PUBG Mobile, the Tesla Model Y, and Tesla Semi is appearing in the game. The Tesla Model Y is featured with a self-driving mode in the game. And the Semi cannot be used by the players but is seen to drive in the game on its own.

PUBG MOBILE Partners With automotive brand TESLA: New car skins
Image credits- InsideSport

As per the game story, mentioned on the official website, Tesla will build a Giga factory in Erangel. It is a fictional location in Russia where the operations of the military control the area. Ironically, Russia barely has hundreds of EVs in the real world.

Furthermore, PUBG mentioned on the website, “The technological transformation of Erangel has caught the attention of Tesla. Tesla will build a Gigafactory on Erangel to produce classic models of its cars, as well as provide more technologically advanced autonomous driving experiences and supply transportation solutions. In the new model, Mission Ignition, players will be able to experience Tesla exclusive content.”

PUBG is a non-racing game, and Tesla Model Y’s debut in the popular game is interesting. Below is a video from a user, where the Tesla Model Y manufacturing in Erangel can be seen. The player first used the switch to start the production, then loots the available items nearby. As shown, the Manufacturing plant is automated and the player gets a Tesla Model Y within a minute or two.

The Tesla Model Y drive for players is smooth without any noise and allows the driver to use autopilot mode. By opting for Autopilot mode, the player can easily travel within the Erangel map.

Tesla Semi in Pubg

While Tesla Model Y can be used to drive within the game, Tesla Semi runs on its own. It is designed in such a way that the player shoots the car till it is damaged and can get items once the vehicle is fully damaged. Not only is Tesla innovative in the real world, but also virtually. Because the game didn’t have such automation till Tesla made its debut.

The above video is posted by a player, shooting the Semi makes the vehicle drop boxes containing loot. PUBG’s new update is definitely making the game futuristic. known as PUBG Mobile 1.5: IGNITION, the transformation of the land is fantastic. It is expected that more buildings and equipment will come in the coming updates.

Tesla’s other models, Cybertruck and Roadster could come up in the upcoming updates as they are being shown on images already. Below is the video of PUBG’s technological transformation. Unlike the earlier versions with broken buildings, the ones here look futuristic.

Note: The update is currently available only in the Global version.