Tesla UI update to have “mind of the car” view, Elon Musk confirms

Elon Musk confirms the upcoming full self-driving update visualizations to have UI with a “mind of the car” view. He also adds that all Tesla Model 3/Y models can be upgraded to have the new FSD computer.

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Image credits- Tesla North

Tesla Model S Plaid has similar visuals, where the screen has some cool visualizations. Now, the update of FSD would be released worldwide on the other Tesla cars equipped with hardware 3 computer.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid UI came to everyone’s attention. Leading to the V11 update of the FSD software. Also, the V10 was released partly in September 2019. So people have seen what it could do. Smart streaming was released and people experienced the early access features.

V10.2 version

Tesla Model S Plaid was seen to have been equipped with the V10.2 version of FSD. Which would mean that the V11 update would include more features. It is expected that with Elon Musk’s recent announcement, the FSD Beta’s worldwide release would include the V11. However, the new update would require updated the FSD computer and the users would need to take their current Tesla car for an update.

Despite the mind of the car announcement, more details about the update are yet to be uncovered. It was predicted that the Model 3 and Y could use the updated software as the recent deliveries included Hardware 2.5, while Hardware 3 is yet to be released. And the official page says that Model S, Model 3, and Model X are eligible for the Hardware 3 update.

Tesla Hardware 3 FSD software

In 2019, Elon Musk mentions that the LiDAR sensors are false and foolish. For years now, Tesla has been using radar sensors, which were considered effective in many cases. When the software shifted to camera-based visualization, the skeptics kept coming, until it was observed that it could be better.

For Tesla cars, it is well known that they use minimalistic designs and concepts with high efficiency. As they developed software with cameras, they also have developed Dojo computer. It enables the self-driving software to detect and be trained for driving on roads with camera-based visualization. Technically, every upcoming update detail is getting interesting as the future is coming near.

As the full self-driving technology gets advanced, Tesla Robotaxi is expected to be tested soon and be available in the market. The talks about roboaxi have been there since 2019 and are still an ongoing process till the cars are absolutely safe. If anything, it is said that the auto industry is slowly picking up these things and competing against Tesla in every aspect.