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Tesla Upsurges Hiring In India


The electric car brand Tesla Inc., has started to recruit more and more people in India for the part of leadership and other senior level roles. The announcement for this happened after many months of hints and reports on how Elon Musk owned Tesla is going to break into an electric vehicle market, which can probably become one of the world’s most promising markets.

Based in California, the electric vehicle manufacturer company Tesla has currently opened positions to recruit people in India on the posts which includes Head of Sales, Marketing and Head of Human Resources (HR), said an inside resource.

A Tesla fan club, too, recently tweeted saying that just last week, Tesla brought in a Senior Legal Counsel to join their company.


However, the company has not made any official statements yet and is currently refusing to respond to any requests for comments or to answer questions by the media.

These theories about Tesla recruiting people spread like a wild forest fire after Elon Musk responded to a blog about Tesla saying that the company was in talks with several states in India to open offices, showrooms for its cars, research and development centres and perhaps a factory too. His response to the report from January 13th was- “As promised.”

Furthermore, some of the recent reports also say that Prashanth Menon, who has been a part of the company for over four years, is being promoted to the post of Director of India Operations where he will be expected to oversee the company’s introduction in India.

The company is also expected of closely monitoring the announcements made by the Modi Government regarding the inducements to the Electronic Vehicle makers under the production-linked incentive programme started by the government before starting its business in India.

Even though India is encouraging the electric cars ecosystem in the country, it still has to plan a welcoming for it yet. These plans include setting up more and more EV charging ports, the absence of which will be a great impediment

The sales of Electric Vehicles in the country, as of today, amounts to less than 1 per cent of annual car sales.



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