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Anger flares up over Google search result that shows Kannada as the “ugliest language in India.”

A country holds a special place and every emotion pertaining to the same can prove to be highly sensitive and at times highly inflammable. That is why it is always prudent to stay away from topics that can touch the angry nerve of a particular group. And when it comes to language, the same emotions prevail for it is the connecting link between a group, with the added weightage of legacies and historical wealth.


Recently, Google got into trouble when a search result showed Kannada as the “ugliest language in India.” And Kannadigas weren’t ready to let the matter pass without the apology that was due. And soon, this attracted the attention of those from the political sphere who flared up with anger at this humiliation to a language, considered precious by a lot of people. An apology was also demanded from the company by P C Mohan, BJP MP. An additional demand was also put forth to take the required action against the group responsible for this derogatory search result that managed to wound the feelings of quite a number of people for whom Kannada is their mother tongue. Because taking a jibe at a language spoken is as good as a very rude personal jibe, and this explains the chain of reactions and responses on Twitter all filled with remorse and anger at the search result.

As things got quite out of hand, Google did the wise thing and issued an apology. And, as if to stress the fact that they are really bereaved at such a misaction, the apology was also issued in the very language that took the blow because of a clearly thoughtless search result.

Here is a compilation of Tweets that reflect the anger of people over the issue.

Whoever is behind the search result must know that a language represents a group, and that group won’t say silent at such an insult. This particular incident might even be a reminder not to consider Google as the Oracle that utters only truth.

And finally, with the echoes of anger at hurt sentiments, deafening the social media walls, Google finally issued an apology.



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