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Tesla’s recent software update has better range calculations
It also includes environmental and other factors

Tesla released its new software update (2022.16.0.2) which has new notable features. It shows better range calculations including more environmental factors. Furthermore, the media accounts (like Spotify) can be linked to driver profiles easily.

New Tesla Software Update 2022.16.0.2: Multiple Media Accounts-To-Driver  Profile Linking, Better Range Calculation, and More

Image credits- Tech Times

While linking Spotify accounts is simple, it is only available with the recent update. Tesl wrote in release notes, “Media Player accounts (e.g. Spotify Login) are now linked to your driver profile. Simply log into your media account while your driver profile is selected.”

The other feature, to calculate range is what Tesla has been working on for a while now. Back in March this year, it was noticed that Tesla was attempting that, by seeing at the code. However, it appears that only now Tesla seems to have worked it out and released it in the update. Stated, “Energy prediction for your route has been improved by incorporating forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity, and ambient temperature when using online navigation.”

Calculating range is not easy, despite knowing the type of powertrain, internal combustion, or electric engine. Many factors are included in the range calculations, from the efficiency of the vehicle to the roads on which that is being driven. Every factor could change the range accordingly. It is hard to precisely determine how far the vehicle can go on a full battery pack or a tank of gas.

Range calculations

There are just so many factors that can affect the efficiency of a vehicle on a road that it is hard to determine how far it can go on a full battery pack or tank of gas. But it is important. It could be possible that accurate range prediction is better at curbing range anxiety than longer range.

Tesla has been a leader in efficiency and long-range electric vehicles for a long time, but despite that, it still has issues predicting the energy consumption of a trip. In 2018, Tesla added more environmental factors (elevation changes, weather, etc.) to the calculation. It helped, but it is still far from accurate. You put a destination in the system and Tesla’s trip advisor tells you how much energy you will have left by the time you get there, but it’s not rare to see the amount of energy go down fast as you drive.

Now some of that can be due to how fast you drive, but environmental conditions along the planned route can also affect the efficiency and that’s what Tesla is trying to account for in a better way with this update.



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