Tesla’s full self-driving system V9 delayed “to fix some obvious issues”

On 25 June, Elon Musk tweeted that Version 9 of Tesla FSD will be delayed. Because they have “to fix some obvious issues.” Many Tesla owners globally have been looking forward to the upcoming Tesla’s fully self-driving system, as it is expected to have massive advancements.

Elon Musk clarifies Tesla's plan for level 5 fully autonomous driving: 2 years away from sleeping in the car - Electrek

Furthermore, version 9 with pure vision was updated in a couple of cars, and it didn’t turn out that better as expected. It was clear that Tesla needed to work on things to fully releasing their update. Having pure vision means using regular cameras instead of lasers like Waymo or Volvo.

On the other hand, Tesla is known to have delays with delivering its products. Just releasing a product wouldn’t be sufficient, achieving what they have planned is crucial. While car deliveries were in the past, the quality was the best. Considering Tesla’s fully self-driving technology is a matter of safety. The delay was kind of already expected as stated by some Tesla Enthusiasts on Twitter.

It says by this week the FSD Version 9 should be available. But Tesla seems to be having trouble with an exact timeline for the full self-driving update. Removing radar was the biggest known change they did with the update. Also, it was pointed out by Elon Musk that they removed a crutch by removing the radar. Already, Tesla refuses to use the most known technology, LiDAR. And moving back to the camera felt like the company is moving backward.

As Elon Musk told in the earnings call,

“I think with the elimination of radar, we’re finally getting rid of one of the last crutches. Radar was really — it was making up for some of the shortfalls of vision, but this is not good. You actually just need the vision to work.”

Tesla FSD

Tesla FSD is the full self-driving update that is provided to users as a beta version currently. By 2020, Tesla’s autopilot has named a second-best in driver assistance systems. The first was Super Cruise, which was studied for driver-automation interaction possibilities. However, Tesla is always known to be the safest system and the one with better capabilities and performances.

Often Tesla’s autopilot comes in the news, every time a Tesla accident is suspected to be on autopilot mode. Tesla maintains its own record of the usage of the FSD Beta system. And they have been taking strong measures to stop instances like playing around with the software. However, some situations keep happening regardless.