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Tesla’s vision for Robotaxi aligning with sustainability goals

Being a leading automaker in the electric car manufacturing business, Tesla has always focused on sustainability and environmentalism. With the Full-Self Driving technology advancing much faster than ever, this brings the question of sustainability. Only recently Tesla updates its features with “over-the-air” updates and has been constantly working on other developments. Having Robotaxi features ensures that the vehicle is operating with more efficiency and using lesser energy per mile than before.

How Tesla's vision for the Robotaxi aligns with its focus on sustainability and environmentalism

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“The energy efficiency of Tesla vehicles will continue to improve as we improve our technology and powertrain efficiency,” Tesla said in the Impact Report. Of course, through groundbreaking new product developments, improvements to battery chemistry, and even efficiencies in the supply chain and manufacturing buildout could eventually translate to better efficiency in Tesla’s cars. However, the most striking bit of information had to do with Tesla’s changing perspective on the Robotaxi fleet:

“It is also reasonable to assume that our high-mileage products, such as our future Tesla Robotaxis, will be designed for maximum energy efficiency as handling, acceleration and top speed become less relevant. This will minimize cost for our customers as well as reduce the carbon footprint per mile driven.”

Efficient vehicle use

Tesla’s Robotaxis will undoubtedly contribute to more efficient vehicle use, as they will perform cautiously and more consistently than a human driver can. Human drivers still love to feel the pull of Tesla’s instant torque, they love to feel the incredible handling as the all-electric vehicle maneuvers around a tight turn. Despite these perfectly normal behaviors, they do decrease driving efficiency, and Robotaxis, when used in a much wider sense than many of us will imagine, will only contribute to Tesla owning the reputation for building the most efficient EVs on the market.

Tesla’s 2021 Impact Report took particular focus on the fact that the company is a majority-minority company, with 62% of its US workforce belonging to underrepresented groups. This was made possible by the company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team, which adopts a people-first and data-driven approach to champion DEI in Tesla’s business and in the communities in which the company operates.

Furthermore, Tesla also highlighted that the company remains attractive to job-seekers. In 2021 alone, Tesla attracted 3 million applicants, providing that interest in joining the company’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy is at an all-time high. Tesla noted that it would continue to expand access to hiring opportunities for underrepresented communities by building community partnerships, pushing training programs, and more.

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