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The best game to play during the lockdown

We all can agree on one point that this lockdown has bored us to our core. The worst part is no friends, no cousins, no going out, and no outside food. You can’t play cricket or ludo with your friends because either they can’t come to your place or you can’t go to theirs. The only thing you can do is to be on the internet and make the most out of it.

The best thing to do for passing time

Well, since I am talking about the best thing here, it is for sure playing games. But haven’t we already played a lot of it? This is the question that might have come to your mind. Yeah, I get it there is a limit to the extent of which you can play a particular online/arcade game before getting bored. Let’s see how to choose games that won’t bore you even if you play them a lot.

  • Always choose multiplayer games that don’t have the same storyline or trajectory every time you play them.
  • Arcade games are good if you don’t have internet, but you can’t depend on them. They tend to get super-boring after some time.
  • Choose highly engaging titles that get your adrenaline rushing.
  • If you are into online casino/gambling, then many casino sites can get you the ultimate experience.  You might want to check local review websites like www.indiacasinoinfo.com to know better the casino brands in india
  • The final tip, look for games where maybe you can earn something by winning.

Which game gets all the above things, right?

Jhandi Munda, yes a very unconventional name for a game I know. But, the game is not from this era. It was a traditional game that was enjoyed by Indian gamblers. The best part about the game is that it is played by people of all ages be it, kids or adults.

Now, you might be saying kids shouldn’t gamble. Yes, you are right. But, a game turns into gambling only when you bet your money on it until then it’s only a game. It is essentially a table game that has been given different names in different countries. For example, “Langur Burja” in Nepal, and “Crown and Anchor” in many other parts of the world.

How to play the game? 

It is a straightforward game, unlike many other gambling games. It is played with a dice that has different images on six sides. The images are Spade, Club, Face, Diamond, Flag, and Heart. You need to bet on images on the board, and if the same image comes on rolling the dice, voila you win. It is kind of cool to go back to your roots and try a traditional game for once.

Where can I play Jhandi Munda?

I will get right to the point; the best site to play Jhandi Munda is the pro-Indian casino. In addition to this fantastic game, there are various other titles that are newer and might appeal to many. You can choose to play the game with real money and make some more, or you can play for fun. No issue at all with whatever you choose. The betting amount is also not fixed, and you can bet whatever you feel comfortable with. Want to play the game, Jhandi Munda Play Here on the pro-Indian casino website.

Is the game legal to play?

Betting, though not openly legalized in India is no way illegal as per the constitution. There are some states that have restrictions on betting which you can refer online, and if you aren’t from one such state, then the game is legal for you. If you choose an authorized casino to play, then you can easily enjoy the fair game without any trouble.

What is the pay-out system if I choose to bet?

The pay-out system is straightforward and easy to calculate. Let’s assume you bet 200 INR on any image on the board. You have six dices or chances. On rolling the dice if the image appears in a single event then you win (200+5*200) = 1200 and if it doesn’t as the chances go on the pay-out reduces. 

So, if you bored to another level in this lockdown then giving this traditional game a shot is undoubtedly worth it. After all, it’s not compulsory to put a bet. You can play it just for fun.




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