The Fastest Browser – TOP 9 Best for 2020

Today, cybercrime is becoming an increasingly significant problem of enormous magnitude, which is fueled by copyright infringement, and fraudsters continue to act more actively using their stealth and impunity and undermine the security of Internet users. 


Every PC user is faced with an acute problem – which browser to use so that it is both safe and secure, and provides reliable surfing on the network. 

When choosing software for yourself, you should pay attention to the following key factors: 

  • level of user protection; 
  • reliability and usability; 
  • speed of work; 
  • W3C standards support. 

Next, let’s consider the list of the best and fastest Internet browsers of 2020 that meet the requirements of modern users and are able to provide a comfortable web browsing.


Google chrome 

Google Chrome is considered the most popular among all browsers, combining the easy operation and broadest functionality. Also you can download vpn Сhrome extension for anonymous and safe surfing on the net. 

It is adapted for all versions of the Windows operating system and has a clear and concise interface. Among the key advantages the following ones shall be singled out:

  • working stability; 
  • quick installation on any PC; 
  • wide selection of applications and extensions; 
  • You can work in incognito mode; 
  • the launch screen contains the most popular websites for the user, search history and the apps store; 
  • constant automatic updates; 
  • option to control resource consumption through the task manager; 
  • protection against hacking and virus attacks based on the Sandbox technology.


Firefox Quantum 

Firefox Quantum is an updated version of the Firefox browser with free technical support, new features and a universal interface for all users. 

The popular, free and user-friendly browser is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and opening following opportunities: 

  • the user interface can be completely customized; 
  • visual tabs; 
  • to enhance the individual comfort of using the browser, plugins and extensions can be installed; 
  • plugins Adblock and NoScrip ensure safe work;  
  • parallel work with several tabs; 
  • the browser is updated regularly; 
  • reader mode is available; 
  • free technical support.



Opera is considered to be the best browser for the Russian audience and residents of CIS countries. It has a built-in VPN and Turbo download. The software is fully adapted for all computer and mobile devices. 

The key benefits of using Opera are the following: 

  • built-in VPN service; 
  • quick switch between pages; 
  • using the Express panel, it is possible to open several tabs in parallel;
  • Turbo mode for instant page loading; built-in Opera Mail Client; 
  • Yandex.Maps application integration; 
  • browser control with a keyboard and mouse; 
  • Page Scaling with changing font and color scheme; 
  • phishing protection; 
  • regularly updates from developers.



The Vivaldi browser is an analogue of the old version of Opera, but it combines convenient functionality and stylish design. It is based on the Chromium engine, however, most of the features came exactly from Opera. 

The software is notable for its following features: 

  • design and functional features are very similar with the Opera, which will appeal to its fans; 
  • flexible and efficient work; support for multiple search engines; you can add new ones on your own; 
  • screenshot option directly in the browser; all graphic objects load as quickly as possible; 
  • integrated email, notes and download manager; 
  • all passwords are synchronized; 
  • reader mode can be used.



This browser is recommended by experts and many developers who note its safety and operation speed. Can be installed on any operating system. Through Yandex Browser, data is imported from another browser, synchronization with a Google account is also available. 

The program stands out among others by such advantages: 

  • good operation speed is maintained even with slow Internet; 
  • turbo download; 
  • built-in email, maps, disk, translator and search; 
  • synchronizes with other browsers; 
  • smart address bar; 
  • advanced functionality in the launchbar; 
  • viewing PDF files; 
  • Java and HTML 5 support;  
  • any search engine can be installed.


Internet Explorer 

This is the very first browser for Windows OS, but now it works in an updated form and with improved functions, namely: 

  • built-in Metro app for the mobile version; 
  • quick page loading; 
  • high level of security and blocking of potential threats by means of the Smart Screen filter; 
  • automatic creation of quick access bookmarks; 
  • access to the extension store.


Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft Edge is a special program for Windows 10, characterised by high security and user data protection. 

Among the key advantages are the following: 

  • high level of productivity; 
  • fully compatible with modern Internet standards; 
  • detects phishing and prevents attacks; 
  • Defender Smart Screen technology;  
  • automatic updates; 
  • complete confidentiality of the information due to the option; 
  • no browser tracking in InPrivate mode.



Safari is a proprietary web browser from Apple, now available not only for Mac OS, but also for Windows. Notable for laconism and simplicity, high working speed. Main advantages: 

  • user-friendly interface with simple design; 
  • download manager; 
  • branded options from Apple; 
  • running speed under any conditions; 
  • synchronizes with iCloud, import of settings from Facebook and Twitter is possible.



Tor browser operates in anonymous mode and offers data encryption and anti-hacker protection. Its work is similar to the VPN service. You will get a whole browser hiding geolocation, IP and personal data of the user while surfing the Internet. 


Summing up 

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex belong to the group of the most functional, safe and fast programs. At that, the latter wins over competitors in terms of design simplicity and usability. 

It is not necessarily to limit yourself to only one browser. You can install several ones and try working with each one to find the ideal option for yourself.