The Future of Dating Technologies

The Future of Dating Technologies

The Future of Dating Technologies

The world is improving every day, discovering and inventing something new. And without these achievements, we wouldn’t have come so far. If you look at thousands of years of human history, it’s clear that radical changes have already happened. The previously unknown and nameless feeling of love appeared two and a half thousand years ago, enriching primal drive and evolutionary necessity with a multitude of social, psychological, and artistic aspects. Nowadays, researchers, scientists, designers, and developers from all over the world try to embody technologies that will simplify the search for true love and make our life more interesting.

In the past decade, top dating apps gone so far from “simple dating” that, according to forecasts, they will soon replace the habitual dating in real life and become as meaningful as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We decided to take a look into the future and find out what dating technology will be in the next 5–20 years.

Involving fitness trackers and smartwatches in dating

The integration of fitness trackers and smartwatches will help the app remember whose photos make your pulse accelerated, respectively, what kind of person you prefer. Roughly speaking, the app will create “your type of partner” in its memory and suggest the most suitable candidates. That is, the service doesn’t just select a partner for you but finds someone who is able to make your pulse go crazy.

A date in virtual reality

In the near future, there will be no need to leave the house even to go on a date. High-speed digital data transfer will allow dating in virtual reality. So, people from different parts of the world will be able to meet each other without leaving their own homes. The specific value of this trend – it also saves time. After talking online, you can meet a person face-to-face but don’t lose time on the road or meeting in a crowded place. The technology will allow you not only to see a person but also to hold their hand, smell, and touch them.

Smart lenses for tips and tracking the physiological reactions of the interlocutor

Imagine a world in which awkward pauses in communication will disappear as a phenomenon. Based on the results of the research, the scientists came to conclusion: data processing will become even more efficient because new technologies are able to “fuel” the conversations, searching for information and interesting facts on the subject you are discussing. Artificial intelligence will analyze video and audio information, process it and instantly give the feedback to its user.

In addition, smart lenses, like dating services, will be able to memorize and create the image of your ideal partner and seek out people close to this ideal on social networks or on the street. Also, you have the opportunity to analyze the interlocutor’s behavior and gestures in real time and understand their feelings at the moment.

Smart lenses can be indispensable for those who have difficulty in communicating with people. Understanding the reactions of the interlocutor and confidence in your own words will reduce nervousness. You will have time for easy and interesting communication without awkwardness.

While we are waiting for new dating technologies, there are many useful dating services that can help to find true love. There, you can find a pretty Ukrainian woman for marriage. We wish you happiness and good luck in the search for a loved one!