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The Go Flyease – Nike Launched New “No touch” Shoes

World’s most popular brand of athletic clothing and footwear, Nike has unveiled its first ‘lace-less’ sneakers and its winning hearts. Its new creation is a combination of comfort and next-level footwear technology. 

According to Nike, it’s an “easy on, easy off” and the first of its kind. It’s specially designed for specially-abled people who are unable to use their hands to put on their footwear or for the people who just don’t want to. 

Nike Go Flyease

The Go Flyease – As Nike calls its latest creation, has perhaps had as perfect timing as a product can have. Think about it, it’s a shoe crafted for maximum comfort which can be used with minimum effort. All you need to do step on the shoes to wear and just step on the heel, to take them off. Now, the timing is perfect because most people avoid touching things or prefer minimum touch, especially since the Pandemic has made us sit at home for months.

The Go Flyease looks as aesthetically pleasing and fashionable as a sneaker can look and has the ability to compete with the comfort of crocs. Moreover, people are really longing for comfort and that’s exactly what this new footwear promises. 

Nike has reported that people are shifting from sports and fitness shows to slippers and crocs. The latter’s recent sales, which witnessed a surge of 55% in terms of revenue is evident in the fact how the consumers have moved towards products that are comfortable rather than flashy. 

Nike Go Flyease

Nike’s strategy defines that they want to manifest a direct relationship between consumers and the brand, avoiding any third party. Hence, the decision of launching the Go Flyease on Nike’s official website makes complete sense. It will also boost their online sales, which went down during last year’s December by 84%.

The footwear is not just aesthetic, but it has a lazy appeal to it too. Something, that we don’t really witness with brands like Nike. But it’s a great option considering the recent times. Moreover, the Go Flyease is also a great choice for people who have issues bending down to tie up their shoes. These are limited edition so if you want them you should buy shoes now.

Meet the Designer –

Nike Go Flyease

Tobie Hatfield

Tobie Hatfield is the designer who spent years crafting this special sneaker at the request of specially-abled people. His years of effort also resulted in Nike’s some of the most iconic shoes like HyperAdapt 1.0, the Adapt BB, and even the Nike Mag. 

“The ultimate COVID footwear.”Fast Company.

For the current age, when going out means going to get some fresh air, get some errand or activities which are absolutely crucial, the Go Flyease seems like the perfect match.

Save the Date –

Nike will launch the shoes “for select Nike Members,” on 15th February 2021. In its first phase, Nike is planning to make a limited number of units. The company has promised that they will increase the quantity and make the product more accessible for its global consumer by the end of this year. 

Reception –

Fans of the brand are excited about the brand new shoes. Even celebrities are joining the celebration –




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