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The Invincible’s teaser trailer gives first look at the strange alien world

Starward Industries, a small studio founded by former project CD Project Red and Techland developers, shared the first gameplay recordings of their debut project The Invincible recently. The studio now has a new teaser trailer for Invincible, a cinematic sci-fi thriller that will be released in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X / S. The trailer is Starward’s first real look at the game, and although there’s not much gameplay to show, we get a taste of the impressive graphics and atmosphere of the Unreal Engine games. The game is based on the iconic Stanislav novel and takes you back to the original atomic punk world.

The Invincible's teaser trailer

Credit @ Starward Industries

It is an upcoming science-fiction game that was announced last fall and is based on the 1964 novel of the same name. The game is based on a novel by Polish science-fiction author Stanislaw Lem and looks like an open-world exploration and survival game.

Krakow, Poland, October 14, 2021 – The- Polish development studio Starward Industries today revealed the first teaser trailer for its science-fiction thriller The Invincible, inspired by the best-selling novel by brilliant science-fiction author Stanislaw Lem. The Invincibles were unveiled last year and have since been confirmed for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PS4.

Several veterans of major game developers such as CD Projekt Red and Techland have released a new trailer for The Invincible showing players what Starward Industries has to offer. After sharing screenshots of the game, Starward, a studio of former Techland and CD Projekt RED designers, released the first teaser trailer, creating a tense atmosphere for the game.


At New York Comic Cons Metaverse, Robert Kirkmans unveiled his first teaser trailer for his comic series Invincible. The trailer gives fans of the new sci-fi game The Invincible, Starward Industries a first look at the classic sci-fi story while retaining its futuristic flair.

As you can see in the first teaser trailer, you are on the surface of a rocky, sandy planet that resembles Mars. Dr. Yasna is confronted with the consequences of her actions. You will discover that the planet Regis III harbors terrible secrets that must be uncovered before you can piece together the fate of a missing crewmember. Both are the main characters of Invincible, who are tasked with leaving the planet.

Starward Industries has released a teaser trailer for The Invincible, delaying the game beyond its planned release window until 2022. The story of The Invincibles, the new science-fiction game from Starward Industries, is about an interstellar spaceship stranded on Regis III, an inhospitable planet. Starward added that the game will put players in a futuristic environment in the so-called Space Race Age, with the addition of technology that creates a balance between advanced and primitive and the teaser trailer reflects this.



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