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The Most Popular Ideas for Business in 2020

2020 may be halfway gone, but it is still not too late to start a business. Any successful business begins with a great idea, and the modern age of technology offers a lot of them to explore. The current digital economy is ripe ground for nearly any suggestion to make it big when given enough room to grow. This list includes some of the best business ideas that can be fruitful in 2020 and beyond.

Open a Casino

The global online gambling market is thriving more than ever, with estimated market size of about sixty billion dollars. With the provision of casino services on the internet, people are gambling in historic numbers. Opening a gaming establishment allows you to meet the constant demand for online games like go wild casino. This venture does require the acquisition of licenses and other permits, especially when planning to offer services in regulated regions.

Run an Online Course

The web has made it easier to share and acquire knowledge and expertise. If you are adept in a subject matter or are passionate about something, you can share it with others online and get a sizeable income. You can even provide higher education if you meet the stipulated qualifications with lectures shifting to virtual classrooms. Use online course platforms for this purpose, and settle for one that offers reliability, marketing tools, technical support, and supports rates that meet your standards. Some ideal online course platforms include:

  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Learnworlds
  • Kajabi
  • LearnDash
  • Ruzuku
  • Academy of Mine
  • WizIQ
  • Podia

Start a Blog

The success of online businesses depends on their ability to provide one of three things – time, original products, or someone else’s products. Blogging is your chance to exploit all three for a high income. Blogs report some of the steepest profit margins allowing one to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Some pointers that can make this venture a success are:

  • Select a blog niche that aligns with four primary business factors instead of following your passions.
  • Learn about SEO tools and research on keywords that will help you rank higher and generate traffic.
  • Identify some of the best tactics to monetize your blog and the right time it should be done.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most advisable approach to making substantial passive income online. This business operates by partnering with brands looking to sell products and services online. Usually, this is done through affiliate programs for publishers and bloggers. As an affiliate marketer, you earn commissions by promoting the various products that are on sale. The commissions can be linked to clients merely clicking on the product or to their purchase.

Freelance Copywriting

Freelance writers are some of the highest demanded digital marketers. Therefore, if you consider yourself a wizard with words, then content writing is the way to go. Content creation can be for a variety of things, depending on the clients with whom you work. You can write engaging articles, email newsletters, and even copy to blog posts. Accomplished freelanced writers earn between 1000 and 5000 dollars per week. You can also consider editing and proofreading tasks which let you work on items your clients have already compiled.

Drive a Modern Cab

Become a driver for online taxi services such as Uber and Lyft. Such businesses can provide substantial income and do not require special skills aside from driving. Also, you get to use your car. Some of the typical requirements that come with this business include meeting the minimum driving age, having a valid driver’s license, and owning an eligible vehicle. However, before settling on this idea, consider the expenses that come with it, such as toll fees, fuel, and maintenance.

Translation Service

The world is continually becoming a small village by the day, allowing people speaking in different tongues to interact. Such interactions lead to high demand for translators, and the industry is growing at a 5% rate per annum. If you are fluent in multiple languages, you can offer specific services such as the translation of documents, websites, and other items that are carved into the niche.

Virtual Assistant

If you have impeccable organizational skills, then you can make virtual assistance a stream of income. With most markets moving online, freelancers, corporations, and almost every kind of business is on high demand for virtual assistants. This business not only allows you to work from the comfort of your chosen location but also presents the opportunity to network with eminent and influential individuals.

Virtual Call Centre Operator

Most small businesses choose to outsource call centre services, and you can serve as part of such a team. Virtual call centres employ people from across the globe since the job can be done even at the comfort of your home.

Online Store

Ecommerce is as viable a business idea today as it was ten years ago. As a more significant percentage of the global community continues to embrace internet use, more people are turning to online shopping. Even with a lot of other brands to compete in nearly every field, you still have access to a vast array of free tools that come in handy to set things in motion without too much effort.

SEO Expert

There is no better way to remain relevant on the internet than being well-versed in Search Engine Optimization. Applying SEO expertise on any business can turn it into a thriving venture while making big bank along the way.

Social Media Management

Social media has the attention of billions of people globally, and businesses are investing heavily to exploit such a broad audience. If you scroll through such spaces long enough to understand how their ecosystems operate, then set up a social media management business. Companies and even individuals with significant online followings are constantly looking for managers to facilitate their growth on social media. This profession often requires running paid ad campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social spaces.

Final Remarks

If you are looking to set out into business, whether offline or online, some of our ideas may match your needs. Set the stage for success by focusing on a venture at a go and settle on one that lines up with your abilities.



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