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This Amphibious Tractor with Massive Tyres can Sail the Sea


You must always have seen tractors either on the roads of the villages or in farms doing their jobs with different equipment. But here, we are showing you a tractor that can not only run on the ground but can also sail into the sea!

Shown in the picture, is a one-off tractor made by a company named Paouris for its customer. The Amphibious Tractor has 4 massive metallic tyres filled with air that helps it to easily float on the water surface and drive on the roads like a normal tractor.

This monster-looking tractor is powered by a 150hp engine that can take the tractor up to the speed of 8-10mph. The Amphibious Tractor is going to be as unique as it looks because the company is not planning to make another unit of such a vehicle. So it will always be a one-off model.

Here’s the video of the tractor:

Source: Freeze Lists



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