This Hands-on Video With the Next iPhone Makes the iPhone 8 Look Antique

Apple next iPhone is now almost here, and it is soon going to stun in the market. One of the largest YouTube Account “EveryThingApplePro” shared a video on a hands-on dummy footage of the phone this week which shows how the successor to the iPhone X will make the company previous phones look decidedly ancient by the comparison. The new releases are the asset to bring the X’s home button-free design to the new price points, by simply broadening the number of people rocking the face scanner.

The model has been supplied by the Benjamin Geskin, which show how Apple plans to introduce a 6.1 inch LCD screen and a 6.5 inch OLED model alongside with the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with a tag of @699, as it is also expected to drop some of the features like a dual camera lens and force sensitive 3D touch. The model with 5.8 inches will likely be going to receive small upgrades like a faster processor while dropping to a price of $899.

The video also depicts that while a 6.5-inch screen sounds gargantuan which is the largest device measures up to around the same size as that of the 5.5 inches iPhone 8 Plus. Apple decision to increase the size of the display is just by adding the face scanner and removing the home button which will allow the company to offer more space for content without making a larger phone, even if the screen real estate is cut by the corners on both the bottom and top part.

There is also a rumor by one analyst that Apple will launch the 6.1-inch screen device after some time, as they are struggling with the LCD production.

Picture credits: Inverse