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TikTok and WeChat might not get unbanned in the US

Former President Donald Trump banned TikTok and WeChat in the US, citing security reasons. So, there were speculations if these apps right get unbanned under Joe Biden’s government. But now a National Security Adviser of the US says that he expects that the TikTok and WeCHatban to succeed. This means that the apps might not come back to the US.

Reason for TikTok and WeChat Ban

Donald Trump said that these apps poised a lot of security threats to the country and its people. He alleged that WeChat and TikTok are collecting the data of US people and sending it to China. But since the court injunctions aren’t out yet, so the ban has been on hold for a while. Even though the claims made by Trump were bold, the user of these apps says that the ban is solely a result of the election year. And Trump trying to get in some votes.

Why there is almost no chance of these apps getting unbanned?

A Security adviser said that at this point it is just waiting and seeing whether they are in favour of the ban or not, and what might be done next. He also firmly believes that the president’s decision to ban those apps due to the security issues will prevail. And a change in the presidency won’t change the situation much.

TikTok and WeChat

Image Source: CNN.com

Now, well, the ultimate hope for these apps is Joe Biden. Since he is taking office on Jan 20 and said, he will review the apps for the mentioned issues. So there is a chance for TikTok and WeChat to come back if they don’t actually have any such issues. The Security Adviser O’Brien also said that they are even taking a look at the app and wants to see that what the president does.

It is no doubt that China doesn’t have a good reputation in terms of data and privacy. Alongside that, the US and China trade relation has deteriorated under Trump. And this has been the main point of the ban for these apps. So, if these concerns don’t subside, then we are going to see TikTok and WeChat come back to the US.

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