Tiktok denies That it Could Be Used to track U.S. Citizens

According to recent reports, a Chinese-based company that is a part of ByteDance apparently used Titok to see the locations of the customers that have been missing yesterday which the company has fully denied. Read the entire article to learn more about this interesting piece of news.

About the comments about Tiktok

In a series of tweets TikTok’s communications team said the report lacked “both rigor and journalistic integrity”.It added that “Forbes chose not to include the portion of our statement that disproved the feasibility of its core allegation: TikTok does not collect precise GPS location information from US users, meaning TikTok could not monitor US users in the way the article suggested.”In response to a BBC request for comment, a Forbes spokesperson said: “We are confident in our sourcing, and we stand by our reporting.”

Privacy concerns

Tiktok is already facing a lawsuit for being unable to protect the privacy of children on its platform. This again rises concerns regarding the app’s privacy policies. Considering that U.S. and China have troubled political relations, the U.S. did order ByteDance to sell Tiktok’s American business back in the year 2020 because the country believed that the app may pass on data to the Chinese government. Various reports also suggest that a similar case around the lines of privacy took place last month wherein the company processed the data of a minor that is under 13 without proper consent but Tiktok has denied this saying that this incident took place 2 years ago. Tiktok has disputed the findings and said they were “provisional”.

source- tiktok.com

About Tiktok

Tiktok is one of the most used and fastest-growing apps in the world. It is also one of my favorite apps. It is one of the most popular apps to watch short-form videos and earn money through them. Tiktom was in the news recently because it was not paying its influencers well enough whereas other companies were devising strategies to grow and shine in the market. Tiktok is one app that one never gets bored of because it is extremely irritating and has some really good content.

The company also gives people a way to become self-sufficient as it pays them and they also receive a lot of brand deals. Once you become popular on this app, there is no going back. People actually go crazy over Tiktok influencers. Although in India, this app got banned because of political tensions between India and China.