TikTok is testing in a Tipping Feature
“We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community" said by company.

A well-known short video creation platform, TikTok is experimenting with a new in-app tool that allows its user to tip the creators directly on their profiles. There is already a gifting feature available but in this creators are allowed to accept money from the fans outside of TikTok LIVE streams. It means any money tipped/given to the creator by their fan goes directly to the individual, there is no cut of the app.

This new tipping feature was discovered by TikTok creator Jera Bean, who first spotted this in-app feature and applied for approval. She also posted a video showing this tool. It was highlighted by a social media consultant Matt Navara on Twitter.

Now Bean’s account displays a “tips” button that redirects users to the screen from where they can tip to their creator $5, $10, or any custom amount of a minimum of $1. Also, this can be done anonymously.

But for now, this feature is only available for those creators who have at least 100,00 followers, meet an age requirement that is 18 years old, and agree to TikTok’s tips term. If the creator meets these criteria, then they can apply for the tool. Although it is unclear that it is available for everyone whose application will approve.

Otherwise, if the creator’s account gets approval then it will be given a Tips button on their profiles, from where their followers will be able to send the tips/ direct payments.

A TikTok spokesperson told, “We are always thinking about new ways to bring more value to our community and enhance the whole experience on the platform”.

These days social media companies are providing and building more and more ways for creators to earn money. Recently, Twitter launched a Super follows feature, in which user can follow their preferred creator on Twitter for a monthly fee. This monetization effect makes an interest in creators to use this platform for earning by showing their talent.