Mumbai BKC Apple store
Credits: Apple

Tim Cook surprised to see man walk into Mumbai BKC with 1984 Mac

Earlier, Apple had announced the opening of their first two retail stores in India. The stores have been placed in cities which are known to be a hotspot of Apple users. One of the stores is supposed to be open for operations on April 20th is located in Saket, New Delhi. The other which opened today, April 20th, is in the Jio Drive Mall owned by Reliance in Mumbai. The strategic placement of both their retail locations is expected to boost the sales of the company in the country.

The moment that thousands of Apple fans in India had been waiting for finally arrived today when the first ever Apple retail store was opened for operations at the Jio Drive Mall in Mumbai. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President Deirdre O’Brien along with their team flew in from the United States to welcome their first customers into the Apple retail store at Mumbai BKC.


Retail Stores vs Resellers:

Some people are wondering where they bought their iPhones from if the first Apple retail store opened today. The stores that we came across earlier were typically resellers of Apple products, they procured the products from other countries and sold them once they got here. Apple had also been operating in India with the help of its partners in the country.

You might wonder if there are any benefits associated with the Apple retail stores, the answer to this is obvious. There wouldn’t be this level of hype among Apple fans if there were not. An Apple retail store in the country would mean that products which are released by the brand in the United States (iPhones, Macs, Airpods, etc) would simultaneously be launched in the Apple retail stores in India. These stores would also imply a much better customer service and a personalized focus on each and every customer who walks into the store. However, what excites the Apple freaks the most is the experience that an Apple retail store could provide you. The exploration of a huge store filled with latest Apple products excites people who have been following the brand for years.

Will these stores have cheaper prices?

The answer to this question might disappoint you but the opening of retail stores of the brand in India does not imply reduced prices in itself. However, the good news is that the company has increased its production in India and there are reports which claim that over 25% of the company’s total production might be done in India. Apple clearly values its Indian market a lot and is considering producing its products in India not only to meet the demands from within the country but also to meet the needs of other Asian countries. Eventually, it is more than possible that the rates of the Apple products which are currently mostly out of reach of most Indian smartphone customers will be more affordable in the coming future.

Mumbai BKC Opening:

Today, April 18th, the apple store in Mumbai BKC was started for operations. A team of Apple executives along with CEO Tim Cook had flown from the US for the grand opening of the store.

An interesting part of the entire event was when the Apple executives and Tim were interacting with customers. The CEO was clicking selfies and talking to Apple fans who showed up the opening when he came across a resident of Goregaon, Mumbai who had brought with himself an old 1984 Macintosh Classic. Sajid, the owner of the antique mac is an Apple enthusiast and user experience (UX) designer.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Vice President Deirdre O’Brien were seen interacting with the man and clicking pictures with his prized possession. The man can be seen enjoying himself with Apple Chief Executive and Sr. Vice President in the video below.

Tim Cook later took to Twitter to express his excitement on the opening.