Ashneer Grover by Financial Express

“Time to disrupt another sector.”: Ashneer Grover on Twitter
It’s time for the Third Unicorn!

Mr. Ashneer Grover, the co-founder and ex chief executive office of fintech unicorn BharatPe took to Twitter in the early hours on the 14th of June which happens to be his birthday.

Mr. Grover took to his Twitter account to announce the welcoming of his 40th birthday. On the post he attached a photo of him standing on the balcony in a morning and looking in to the distance.

He put up a caption to the photo stating that it his 40th birthday today and that many people will tell him that in just 40 years, he has already lived a full life with him experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows as he has faced great success and losses and he has done so much more than what people would be achieve in his 40 years of life on the planet and also that he has created value for the generations to come.

He goes on to say that, however, he still has unfinished business that he is looking to tend to and that its time to disrupt and take over yet another industry in the country. This is the time for him to create his third unicorn!

The tweet has been up for just over 8 hours and already gone on to garner well over 10,000 likes and is almost hitting 300 retweets which is great traction for such a short amount of time. Many of the commenters posted birthday wishes for Mr. Grover. Many also reacted positively to the news of him starting up a new company and ruling the industry although he still has not revealed to the public as to which sector the new company will be playing in.

In fact, no details as to the new company has been revealed by him, other than the fact that he will be starting one very soon. Even though him and his wife, Mrs. Madhuri Jain Grover were both forced to quit the firm they were part of even before its inception after a whole row of controversy, he has still managed to have a reputable image and is loved by the general public.

He was also one of the ‘Sharks’ in Shark Tank India, a reality TV show where budding entrepreneurs approach heavyweight businesspeople with the hopes that their business receives much needed funding. He was able to stand out in a distinguished panel and win the hearts of everyone watching the show.