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TimesNext launches Hiredd.com, a premium jobs & internships platform for India

In a Press Release, TimesNext Media announced the launch of its platform Hiredd.com. Hiredd is a job and internship search platform that is helping bridge the gap between recruiters and job-seekers. 


Gone are the days when the only way to get a great job was either through referrals or via degrees. The recruitment and hiring process has changed dramatically over the years, and today, you can apply for jobs directly from your home via platforms like Hiredd.com. 


Hiredd is one of the leading internship and job search portal that aims at providing exciting employment opportunities for its users to up their career game. Today, every student is on a hunt to find the best internships to build his/her resume from an early age, while other young professionals are on a lookout to find their dream jobs. 


Find the Best Jobs & Internships at Hiredd

You can find some of the top job and internship opportunities at Hiredd.com, just within a few clicks. Follow the steps given below to find jobs and internships at Hiredd:


  1. Head over to Hiredd’s homepage by clicking here
  2. Select the Job or Internship option, according to your preference
  3. Enter the desired industry or keyword or company name in the Title box
  4. Enter the name of the city where you wish to find the employment opportunities in the Location Box
  5. Click on Search Now button


You can now access and scroll through thousands of jobs and internships according to your preferences and select and apply for the one you desire the most. Hiredd only lists the companies that have been registered on its platform after verification.


Work From Home Jobs & Internships

Owing to the Corona Virus pandemic, a significant portion of the population is now looking for work from home opportunities. Work from home, allows individuals to work from the comfort of their home while saving money and time on the commute and other miscellaneous expenditure. It is predicted that even after the pandemic is over, a major clump will still prefer to work remotely. 

You can find excellent work from opportunities at Hiredd.com in various fields like content writing, graphic designing, web development, and much more. 


100% Free Job & Internship Posting 

Hiredd allows all the companies on its platform to post jobs and internships for hiring talent to their firms free of cost. However, if you want to gain an advantage over the rest of the companies hiring at Hiredd, you can use Hiredd’s Premium feature for Premium job and internship postings. Premium shifts the job or internship listing of the company to the top, allowing to gain higher engagement and more rapid hiring.


Hiredd is offering you an exclusive opportunity to gain ten free Premium job and internship postings on its platform with the use of the promo code given below.



Gives 10 Free Premium Jobs + 10 Free Premium Internships


Some other Coupon Codes that you can make use of to enjoy exclusive benefits on the platform are: 

  1. HAPPYJOB – 20% off on 1 Premium Job post
  2. HAPPYJOBS – 20% off on 10 Premium Job posts
  3. HAPPYINTERN – 20% off on 1 Premium Internship Post
  4. HAPPYINTERNS – 20% off on 1- Premium Internship Posts


Hiredd is a TimesNext Media Private Limited owned recruitment and job search platform.



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