Tinder to now offer criminal background checks. Source: The Wall Street Journal

Tinder crypto scammers drains wallet while promising nudes

This new scam is as if scammers have found an easy way to trick nerds. Tinder crypto scammers promise nudes on the platform and, after gaining access to the wallet of single individuals, drains their crypto wallet. This emotional trickery has caused a lot of scams recently. The scammers first convince the victims to download fake crypto apps and then steal from their wallets. Or sometimes, they get information out of them to access their crypto.

Two ongoing scams on Tinder

If you have ever been on Tinder, you would know about their verification option, which gives a blue tick mark on one’s profile. In the first type of scam, these fraudsters send a link to users to verify their accounts. The link directs to a site that looks very similar to the Tinder verification page but is a 3rd party site that steals the user’s name, DOB, email, and Credit card info.

The second type of scam is the one I mentioned above. It is called catfishing and involves scammers pretending to be females but are often males. They spend a lot of time and give a lot of attention to users until they give up critical information.

Tinder crypto scammers drains wallet while promising nudes
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Real-life case

A guy from the US called Mike lost $2,77,000 worth of cryptocurrencies to a tinder user pretending to be a woman named Jenny from Malaysia. He was tricked into giving his private keys to his crypto wallet and was robbed of the money. In 99.99% of cases, the recovery of these funds is not possible. So, it’s not that going to the authorities will help you. Hiring a company to do the same may set you back even further while they are unable to get back the funds. So, it’s important to stay vigilant about such things in the first place.

How to stay safe?

There are a few things you must always remember that will keep you safe from such scams. They are:

  1.  No matter how close you get to someone online, never share your personal details with them. This could be the exact address, your bank account details, credit card number, or anything that can be misused.
  2. When you meet someone online, try to do your own research about the person before giving the person too much attention.

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