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Tinder introduces a new feature to block people using their phone numbers


Source: The Verge

You will have to resonate with me when I say that these COVID-19 induced lockdowns have been a tough phase for anyone’s dating life. You can swipe all you want but what is the point when you can’t meet the person, right? Well, as the lockdowns are being lifted slowly and steadily, people can go back to resuming their old lifestyles. These lifestyles include dating, partying, travelling, going out for lunch and dinner, all of everything that people used to do before this pandemic began.

Some of you might be looking for new matches on Tinder in order to kickstart their social life again and no one can blame you, it has been tough. Anyhow, as we are getting ready to roll out, Tinder is preparing new things for us as well. Yes, a brand-new feature that can save you from awkward situations, trust me!

According to reports, Tinder is introducing a new feature that allows users to block people from their contact list based on their phone numbers.

Tinder is making it easier for people to avoid awkward encounters on the dating app. Imagine finding your university professor on Tinder and thinking whether to swipe right or swipe left, awkwardness inevitably follows and you never know, the opposite may happen too. The dating app’s latest feature will save you from embarrassment.

The new Block Contacts Feature is accessible through the profile settings menu where users can toggle it on or off based on his/her preference. This feature will help you to prevent people from your contact list to appear on Tinder when you are swiping left and right. Anyone you add to the internal block list of Tinder will not be able to see you on their swiping list either, nor will you be able to see them.

Another great thing about this feature is that you can block a person based on his/her contact even if they have not yet joined the online dating platform. Well, this will definitely save you from future surprises.

However, it is not necessary that users use this feature only as Tinder intends you to, some will surely use this feature to cheat on their partners as well. Anyhow, Tinder expects the best from its users and this new feature will definitely save you from seeing your co-workers, family members, college professors or anyone on the dating platform and vice versa.

In the opinion of many, this feature is well thought of and users will really enjoy online dating after this.




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