Transformers Truck Are Now a Reality
Story Of Father-Son Duo Realising A Dream

Father son duo, Brad and Doug had a dream to build a truck that would change the entire truck industry for the years to come and they realized it by combining a brand new Ford F250 and a practical utility truck. This transformer truck contains the best of both worlds beauty, class and elegance with sheer power and ample storage capacity making it an unstoppable vehicle for the adventures.

It looks like a regular pick-up truck on the outside but in the back it contains a full set of tool bones hidden in the walls. The father son duo has envisioned it to be the next big thing. They planned on the huge reveal of this transformer truck at SEMA, the world’s biggest car show. This design will elevate the concept of a utility truck to a whole new level being customized from the front to the back.

This model is equipped with sliding doors attached to the rear bumper, tool boxes fit exactly in between the fender and the truck bed and a massive compound turbo fit into the truck giving it an unreal amount of power to match with its looks and equipment its carrying. This model comes with custom fenders stretched to four inches wide in order to fit over the toolboxes. Adding to its sleek look is the custom made LED light bar contouring the shape of the windshield and can be adjusted according to where they need to focus.

The interior of this car is just as spectacular as the exterior. Not much modification was done to this but it contains custom leather seats, headliner and steering wheel cover made out of leather, Ford Performance recovery kit and Cool It Thermo Tec sound deadener. The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show is a trade show providing platform for small businesses to showcase their innovations. In each SEMA show is a booth dedicated to customers showing outrageous engine mods and this Ford F250 Super Duty Transformer Work Truck is an excellent example.

What simply puts this truck in the spotlight is the sheer practicality in the way it functions, nine hundred horsepower paired with Ford’s in built 6.7 litre PowerStroke V8 diesel and a TorqShift 6-speed automotive transmission, twin turbo performance kit and the un damageable KR2 tyres make it seem like a dream come true. This truck is full of surprises featuring hidden tool drawers underneath the fiberglass and also in the rear bumper which pulls out like a giant drawer. The main attraction of this car is the driver side rear fender which can be lifted high up in the air by the supports designed and customized based on the idea spawned from father-son duo, Brad and Doug’s mind.

This eyebrow-raising model stole the show at 2018 SEMA booth attracting a pool of attendees by raising the driver side rear fender into the air. This truck was awarded with Ford’s the ‘Best of Show’ trophy at SEMA, proving that this model is more than what meets to the eye. The hardcore, classy design paired with absolute powerful performance capabilities makes it one of a kind truck. With all its hidden features and sleek design complementing the performance it delivers, this truck is guaranteed to catch the eye of onlookers.