Twitter Adds New Tab In Its Armoury; Will Make Easier For Users To Find Accounts To Follow


4 May, 2016, USA: Twitter Inc. once again made a new change on its grid but this time, it is its mobile app which is now equipped with a new tab. This newly added feature will enable the users to quickly search and follow accounts which they want to hook on to. While taking the covers off from the feature, company stated, “A new Connect tab on Twitter Inc’s mobile app makes it easier for people to find accounts to follow.”

Ricardo Castro, Product Manager, Twitter said in a blog, “To give the users best recommendations — which we’ll continue to refine over time,  we look at who user is already following, Tweets user likes, popular accounts in his local area, what’s happening in the world right now, and more. We’ll also let the user know exactly why we’re showing him each recommendation.”

The feature is available in Twitter’s latest app on Apple Inc’s iPhones or smartphones running on Alphabet Inc’s Android. “The Connect tab also makes it easier to connect with your friends and family by giving you the option to automatically sync your address book. And if someone in your address book joins Twitter, we’ll let you know so you can give them a warm welcome,” he adds.

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