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Twitter blooms through Ad revenue growth despite Apple’s new policy


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Twitter, the social networking platform that people absolutely love has recently reported a 41 per cent increase in year-on-year ad revenue sales and it is a slap on the faces of all those companies who are hiding behind the curtain of Apple’s new policy changes that resulted in their lower statistics for this quarter in terms of ad revenue.

Yes, Twitter has recently been announced to have bloomed through the biggest turmoil in the advertising market that occurred after Apple Inc. dropped its latest app policies that were nothing less than supply chain disruption in the digital ad market. However, Twitter on Tuesday posted USD 1.28 billion in revenue in advertisement which is a 37 per cent increase in the third-quarter revenue, as mentioned in a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Anyhow, as per the analysts’ expectations, Twitter performed decently close to the estimated targets which is good news with Twitter’s advertisement sales rising up by almost 41 per cent from last year during the same time and Apple does have a significant role in this digital ad industry supply chain disruption.

Now, ever since Apple has announced its latest policy changes and the added transparency mode in iPhones, it gives users the choice to get tracked for targeted advertisements or not. However, it is obvious why 98 per cent of users chose not to be tracked by apps and websites which resulted in a significant loss of revenue for companies like Facebook, Snapchat etc.

Today, most of these affected companies are blaming Apple’s policy change for their losses which makes sense but Twitter is one company that has defied that misbelief and has actually excelled in the ad revenue market after Apple’s policy updates.

Nevertheless, it is true when I say that Apple has made it very difficult for companies and advertisers to target personalised ads to their audiences. According to reports, it is true that the advertising industry is still processing the fact that it is difficult to generate revenue from targeted ads by tracking users’ internet activities, so they will have to find another way to keep up with their business.

When Apple first announced this new feature on their iPhones, boasting left, right and centre about privacy and security, Facebook Inc. was pissed off to the core as targeted ads are a major source of revenue generation for the social media giant. That being said, targeted ads are difficult to achieve and Twitter has certainly done a commendable job at making all those profits, despite having the Apple Inc. setback.



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