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Twitter cannot stop talking about Elon Musk neither can the memes stop flowing

There wouldn’t have been any other acquisition in recent times which might have caused as much buzz as Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Years before, Musk had casually enquired about how much it will cost him to buy Twitter and now the man has taken over the company sending netizens into a frenzied discussion as the opinions are quite diverse. While some are rather excited about Musk and his idea of free speech others are quite concerned about the idea of free speech giving a free rein to socially objectable ideologies. Thus it is not very surprising that Twitterati was in full-on scrutiny mode about Musk’s first day at Twitter, and quite naturally we have a new topic trending. Mind taking a guess?

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon’s First Day At Twitter

Firsts are always worthy of being recorded. Historic firsts, personal firsts, and now we have come to a point where sleeping in peace is impossible without passing our judgment on a billionaire’s first day at a company he recently acquired. Perhaps the fact that it is Elon Musk who is the protagonist (or antagonist?) has a lot to do with the buzz.

Indeed Musk had managed to kick start a chain reaction of responses after his “free speech” ideals which according to him is the main motive behind buying Twitter. Well, how generous of Elon Musk to spend a whopping $44 billion to ensure free speech. Perhaps free speech weighs more on the scale than world hunger, or perhaps generosity is highly defined by priorities. Either way, Musk is now at the helm of Twitter, and netizens as usual cannot stop gushing about his first day. Naturally “Elon’s first day at Twitter” is trending. While some of them really don’t consider it worthy of their time others definitely think it’s worthy of a meme or two. Let us flip through a couple of reactions and responses and see what Twitter’s take is on Elon’s first day. Did he ace it or did he blow it? Read along to know more.

A lot of cleaning is required I suppose

How close is the comet?

Cough cough…free speech or something?

I am not laughing.

Only time will tell if he has a good aim or not.

Seems like there are ‘high’ hopes about the next board meeting

I absolutely second this brilliant suggestion. Absolutely no sarcasm intended!

Some might mistake it for desperate self-obsessed behavior but anyways




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