NFT Craze: Nike’s Cryptokicks selling for more than 100k

Source: Yanko Design

According to recent reports, the American multinational footwear corporation, Nike has decided to partner up with a commonly known company, RTFKT, which is known to merge non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sneakers, to create the new Dunk Genesis ‘Cryptokicks’.

In other words, RTFKT and Nike have just launched a line of virtual sneaker NFTs and some of these shoes for the metaverse have actually managed to fetch astronomical sums. Having said that, the said collection of NFT sneakers referred to as CryptoKicks are actually being auctioned off on the online marketplace OpenSea, while customers are readily paying somewhere around 4000 dollars to about 9,500 dollars in cryptocurrency for the same.

However, it is probably worth noting that, some of these sneakers are also known to have been sold for well over six figures, which is amazing! Not just that, as stated by OpenSea, about 9,000 of the Nike Dunk Genesis NFTs have already been sold, while the craze is still surging.

Speaking of the craze for sneakers globally, some of you might already be aware that, sneakers are simply collector items, which is why it is not unusual to see rare ones fetch huge amounts. Limited edition Yeezys frequently go for about five figures, while few other shoes with historical value such as those worn by Michael Jordon during his iconic matches, often auction for nearly a million or so. But, a recent purchase is likely to be listed amongst one of the most unusual sites in the sneaker history, while someone paid nearly 130,000 dollars for just a pair of virtual Nike sneakers. Isn’t that awesome?

Moreover, the sneaker which we are talking about is obviously a part of the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks collection of somewhere around 20,000 NFTs that were launched by Nike along with RTFKT. Know that, just in December last year, Nike actually bought the said virtual sneaker designer.


In addition to this, these NFT sneakers can easily be customized by the users with the help of ‘skin value’ from various different designers. These vials are able to change the overall appearance of the said sneakers by simply adding new effects and patterns like floating swooshes as well as flashing lights for instance.

Moving further, these new NFT sneakers are said to benefit a lot of metaverse gamers, most of all the said manufacturer itself as users can use their virtual trainers as and when they are around the so-called Nikeland, its very own 3D metaverse platform.

Since we have established that this particular NFT is rare, coming with a colorway designed by the popular artist, Takashi Murakami, it is also worth mentioning that, since you can only wear the Cryptokicks in the metaverse and not in real life, the platform has also provided users with a Snapchat filter of sorts with the help of which you can see how they actually look like in real life as well with the help of AR, so that’s something!

Lastly, as mentioned, you can easily customize your said sneakers on the platform but before that, first, you need to acquire the base sneaker, and then you can add the skin vials to change its so-called appearances. Furthermore, you will be able to collect, evolve as well as breed sneaker skins too by simply journeying in the RTFKT ecosystem and unlocking your sneakers.

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