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Twitter claims Musk is ‘slow-walking’ trial over $44 billion deal

An image of Elon Musk is seen on a smartphone placed on printed Twitter logos in this picture

Source: Reuters

The microblogging website Twitter on July 18 claimed that the chief executive of Tesla is making attempts to prevent the progress of the accusation which the firm registered against him to compel him to complete the merger pact and buy all the stakes of Twitter for 54.20 dollars each. The social networking platform has requested the Chancery Court to begin the legal proceedings in the month of September so that the contract is not nullified.

The social networking platform drafted that a large number of stakes of the firm deal everyday in disgrace of the uncertainty set up by the billionaire and no tech giant with public offerings on a large scale had go through such riskiness.

As per the accusation registered in the bench the microblogging website is willing to stay the chief executive of electric vehicle maker to his initial proposal to purchase all of Twitter for 44 billion dollars.

The firm further stated that even after the billionaire is commanded to complete the dealing it might take a long time for the extra legal proceedings to conclude the financial obligations funding, that will become invalid from April 2023. Giving this reason, the microblogging website requested the Chancery Court to decline the lawsuit filed by the richest man of the world to start the judicial proceedings in the month of February next year.

The founder and owner of SpaceX and the Electric Vehicle manufacturing firm, Tesla, Elon Musk had made allegations on the social networking platform of accelerating the legal proceedings to concealthe reality behind the automated accounts and to pressurize the billionaire for closing the deal.

Both of the parties will be putting forward their claims related with the judicial proceedings’ suggested beginning date to the adjudicator of the Chancery Court of Delaware on July 19.

According to the report aired by a news agency on July 18 the legal representatives of the chief executive of Tesla are forethoughting to counterclaim the microblogging website, Twitter to collect additional data related with the platform’s automated IDs.

Stakes of the microblogging website have slid down from an amount above 50 dollars for each stakes at the time of the declaration of the merger agreement in the month of April this year to 33 dollars per stake in the previous week.

Meanwhile, the shirtless vacation pictures of Elon Musk has become the latest buzz in the town. The billionaire was seen having fun with his companions and an unknown girl at Greece’s Mykonos in the viral images.




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