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Twitter decides to monetize a few features


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Ever since the era of social media began, things on the applications were monetized. That is how the companies generated traffic and gained their income source. It was a much simpler time when that was the only thing that these social media applications had in common. In the past few years all social media applications have morphed into some sort of copies of each other; replicating many features and other things to balance out the competition. This has led to a monotonous experience for the consumers.

Twitter, one of the largest social media companies, added a feature called “Fleets” about a year ago. Fleets are in all their essence like Instagram stories. Now, Twitter is planning on testing full-screen advertisements on Fleets. These types of advertisements until now have been pre-dominant on other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Twitter wants to promote creativity through these ads. Allowing companies to work on their instant connection strategies with consumers, allowing creators like graphic designers to take over their accounts and work their own magic. Twitter thinks that it will help in increasing the type of content that people want to see and are fonder of.

Right now this feature to post advertisements on Fleets is available to only a select few and the content will be viewable to only a few US Twitter users. This, right now, is clearly a testing phase for the social media giant but they have hinted that if it works out the way they want it to they will make it more mainstream in the future. The full-screen advertisements might even be seen somewhere else on twitter rather than just on Fleets. It is also a way for Twitter to determine the efficiency of full-screen usage for their application. It is also a good way to determine the content required for their application.

As one of the top social media applications caught itself falling behind the competition they have introduced new ways of monetizing their application. Twitter has decided upon a brand new array of tools to create more space for solely economic endeavors. There are three main surprises for businesses which aspiring to gain firmer ground on Twitter. New “shoppable tweets” are being introduced but it isn’t available yet. Twitter also has its head wrapped around a $3/month “Twitter Blue” subscription plan but the details of what a more premium Twitter would look like are still unknown. There is the introduction of a new “Ticketed spaces” feature which is just a paid audio chat room.

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