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Twitter finally brings NFT integration on profile pictures

Twitter finally brings NFT integration on user profile pictures. For the moment, this support is limited to Twitter Blue users paying a $2.99 subscription fee on iOS devices. And to select an NFT as their profile photo, they need to get it verified. You can also easily identify if someone has used NFTs as their profile photo. Normally, Twitter has a circular shape for profile photos but for the NFT ones, it will be changed to a hexagonal one.

This is great

The use of NFTs as one’s profile photo on Twitter can change the way how Twitter DPs were used till now. Twitter’s new feature gives a real-use case of NFTs, and since there is a way of knowing who is using the feature, it adds to the novelty factor. It also adds an exciting touch to profiles that are completely about NFTs. And as normal users, you can identify influencers if they actually own what they are speaking about.

Twitter has added support for a few crypto wallets for the same. These include Argent, Coinbase wallet, Metamask, Ledger Live, Rainbow, and Trust Wallet. Since some of these are not decentralized wallets, it could lead to some privacy issues in the future. But still, I am excited about this new integration because it can change the entire way NFTs are used.

Twitter can soon become an NFT marketplace and display: Sort of!

At present, Twitter has just enabled the option of using NFTs as one’s profile picture, but new features will arrive inevitably. They might add an NFT section where users can display their entire collections of NFTs. So, basically, one’s profiles will become like displays for the artworks they own. This brings another opportunity of adding a bidding option where normal users and collectors alike can bid on these artworks. In case the bid is accepted by the owner, they can sell it to the buyer. With the kind of audience that many influencers and artists have on Twitter, this feature can be a real deal. So, yes, I think Twitter can soon become an NFT marketplace and display in some sense.

What are your thoughts as Twitter finally brings NFT integration for profile pictures? And do you think they will soon bring the other features I talked about? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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