Apple event 2021

Twitter floods with excited responses as Apple announces the date for the annual September event.

Twitter has yet another reason to beat the drums of excitement as Apple finally announces the date for the much-anticipated annual September event. Prior to the announcement of the date, speculations and contemplations were already running high as Apple enthusiasts unleashed their guesswork skills to glean some possible information about the possibilities. Let us wait for the 14th of September to discern if the guesswork skills were on point or not, or if Apple is gonna come forth with some better surprise. Although a couple of products are expected to be unveiled, the major expected highlight of the event that everyone is looking forward to is the much anticipated iPhone 13. One reason why iPhone 13 is trending on Twitter ever since the announcement made its rounds.

The What and When

The “California Streaming” event all set to take place on the 14th of September is framed with a lot of expectation and anticipation as users are waiting patiently for the iPhone 13 to bless their line of vision very soon along with a string of other products. Going by the past Apple tradition, this event is supposedly the very first of various events that will take place towards the end of 2021. And if the rumors are to be believed, we can expect another event following this, that will also take place around September or perhaps, October.

As it is evident, the biggest excitement surrounding the event is the iPhone 13. Speculations surrounding the probable features were already on the rise prior to the announcement of the date. Soon enough we will get to know how many of them got it right. Although Apple has a tendency to follow traditions and by default, the general styling as the previous ones, this time it might be a bit different which adds to the excitement. In addition to this, a ninth-generation iPad is also an exciting possibility. Another expectation is the redesign of the “iPad mini 6” and soon it might display a bigger screen and sleek bezels. “Apple Watch Series 7” also might have interesting details to reveal. And if the expectations are to be realized, updated Airpods will also be on the roll.

Responses on Twitter

As expected, Twitter has been brimming with excited reactions and responses soon after the date was announced. And not so surprisingly, “iPhone 13” has rocketed to the trending list on Twitter. Let us take a look at the responses on Twitter.