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Twitter Introduces New Ways To Make Video Experience Better

According to recent reports, Twitter has come up with the news to make the video experience better on its platform. Its aim is to improve the experience of the users while they are using the app. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

About the updates

“Videos are a huge part of the public conversation… To help make it easier to find and watch what’s happening, we are rolling out two new updates to how you experience videos on Twitter,” the platform said in a blog post.“Once the video has been launched in full-screen mode, we have made video discovery easier as well. Just scroll up to start browsing more engaging video content. If you want to exit the viewer and go back to the original Tweet, click the back arrow in the top left corner,” the platform said. The viewers can now watch videos in a full-screen format with a single click on this platform. The explore tab will give them an idea about all the trending videos on the internet. The name of features that have reportedly been introduced in the app is immersive viewing and easy discovery.

About Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media apps for microblogging. It is used by any and everyone who wishes to put across their opinion and show it to the whole world. The aim of the app is to give the people a platform to fully express themselves but in limited words. Tweets create quite an impact on people these days and sometimes they are enough to create a riot or protest in several places. As a company, its only purpose is to make people’s lives better by giving them a platform to reveal their true selves without worrying about the credibility of the app. From teenagers to celebrities, this app continues to be a favorite among all of them.

Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town (Image Credits; Investopedia)
(Image Credits; Investopedia)

The fact that it is loved by so many people has a lot to do with the fact that it is different from all the other social media apps. It delivers breaking news to its users. You will be able to find anything and everything linked to the current news on the app. Since the sole priority of Twitter is to keep its customers satisfied, it makes sure it keeps coming up with something new every now and then and it also keeps on teaming up with the content creators to keep the platform fun and engaging.