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Twitter is on Fire about Historic Coinbase IPO

As the historic IPO of Coinbase is just moments away, #Coinbase has become trending. Twitteratis have flooded the platform with stories, views and shared everything they have to say regarding the iconic event. People are sharing how they will become millionaires after the IPO as they invested in the company long back. We also have a billionaire on the charts who has made $2.4 billion off a $300k investment in Coinbase 8 years back.

On the other hand, we have the hip-hop legend NAS who will be worth $100 million today after  Coinbase goes live on NASDAQ. He also invested in several other platforms that became big hits in their respective sectors. These are Robinhood, Dropbox, and Lyft.

This is big!

Did you ever even think that Bitcoin will become so popular that the name of its maker Satoshi Nakamoto will be displayed on the NASDAQ screen? If you didn’t brace yourselves. This is what is happening here. Check out this tweet:

But there is a lot of skepticism regarding the move of the Coinbase IPO. Since most of its revenue is generated from trading fees, so the future of Coinbase is dependent on crypto’s future. At the same time, as more platforms enter the market and competition increases, we could also see a decrease in the fees charged by Coinbase. This will be essential to stay in the game and not lose out on market share completely. And this will, in turn, bring strong volatility, as shared by Cathie Wood, founder of ARK Invest.

Bitcoin has been the boon for Coinbase!

Even though the number of altcoins is rising and Bitcoin is losing its dominance in the market, it is the reason everything started. Coinbase’s growth can also be solely attributed to the growth of crypto, and therefore, it makes sense to thank its maker. This is why the company embedded a message for Satoshi in one of the Bitcoin blocks it mined.

At the same time, after getting listed on NASDAQ, the company embedded a secret message on the first Bitcoin is mined. The message read, “NYTimes 10/Mar/21 House Gives Final Approval to Biden’s $1.9T Pandemic Relief Bill.” YOu can check it out here-

The company has also shown its gratitude towards the huge growth of the company by gifting each employee 100 shares before NASDAQ debut. This amounts to a total of $25,000 initially. And we can expect even higher prices in the coming days.

Some hilarious ones!

How can we write an article about tweets and not include some funny ones! Right? Well, we won’t disappoint you. Here are some tweets that show how great Coinbase is doing and where it is at compared to other exchanges and banks.

If you something interesting to say about the historic Coinbase IPO, then tweet about it. After that, share it with us in the comments below. And if it’s funny, we will include it in the article.



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