Small Business Saturday

Twitter is talking about something small, and its pretty big!

Always count on Twitter to bring to your attention topics from varying spectrums, big or small, and sometimes big and small. At the moment Twitter’s spotlight is shining brightly on “small businesses.” And quite naturally small businesses have rocketed to the trending list on Twitter. Which means just one thing. A plethora of reactions and responses flow in from all four directions. Small businesses aren’t that small after all. For those who don’t know, November 27 is a day set aside to celebrate small businesses. Now there you go, that’s some new information to add to your brain. Want to know more about the “Small Business Saturday?” Read along.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Now we all are aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Pretty sure that a good majority of you might have hit the stores since the biggies are slashing prices of their products and it is time to make a clean sweep. Sandwiched between these two is Small Business Saturday and it is all about supporting and encouraging small businesses. Because those are two ingredients extremely important for the perfect small business recipe that tastes of success and growth. Founded in the year 2010 by American Express, this particular shopping highlight is co-sponsored by the U.S Small Business Administration. It provides a window to address the issues of small businesses all around the nation, bringing forth effective ways to increase the customer base of these brick and mortar retailers so that they can optimize their profits, while also ensuring continuous growth and development.

Particularly this year, the focus on small businesses and the efforts to smoothen their journey has gained all the more importance since they have suffered a rather hard hit because of the pandemic that left almost all businesses paralyzed. Added to the pandemic is yet another roadblock which is stumping growth, namely global supply chain bottlenecks. These result in a spectrum of problems for retailers like labour shortage, shipping delays, low inventory, so on and so forth. And inflation is yet another major roadblock these retailers have to combat. Thus, any kind of support and help is of great significance to them. This is what Shilpa Reddy has to say about these issues. Reddy is the vice president at QuickBooks Commerce.

“Given the impact of all these macro issues on small businesses, it is important for consumers to have patience and empathy and understand small businesses don’t have the same resources as large corporations.”

Responses On Twitter

Let us flip through a few reactions and responses on Twitter celebrating the “Small Business Saturday.”