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Twitter is testing new shopping features for brands

Twitter Shop Module

Source: Twitter Blog


Twitter, the popular micro-blogging platform is set out to introduced new features on its platform. It is time that even the big guns upgrade to the level of competition and Twitter, one of the biggest guns in the social media industry is catching up to the trends.

According to recent reports, Twitter is testing new shopping features on its platform for brands and businesses. The company is allowing select brands to add a ‘Shop’ module at the top of their profiles that links to their products, available for followers to buy, right from the Twitter website.

This is the first time that Twitter has tried to incorporate “Shopping” as a feature within its social media platform, directly into the profile of the business or brand. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, with this new feature that Twitter is testing, businesses and brands can highlight their products in a carousel, placed between their profile information and timeline.

However, this feature is still in the testing phase and Twitter may or may not roll it out publicly, but for now it is limited to only a few selected brands and businesses, including Arden Cove in the United States and GameStop.

Anyhow, Instagram and Facebook, the biggest social media platforms are already having shopping features embedded within their apps, wherein brands and businesses can directly showcase their products on their profiles for users to buy, either from within the app or through an external website.

However, Twitter has not pursued Shopping as aggressively as Facebook and Instagram, but it is evident from this new shopping feature that the micro-blogging website is looking forward to a new potential revenue stream. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Twitter has also featured a “Shop” button for Tweets as the social media platform has recently introduced new business profiles.

Having said that, it seems like Twitter is rivaling Facebook’s creator shops as well. Allowing creators to showcase their products on Twitter will create a new revenue-generating stream for the social media company, similar to what Facebook is doing with creator shops.

‘Shop Module’, Twitter’s new shopping feature will give creators, businesses, and brands an existing, established platform to showcase and sell their products. Users will be able to browse these products directly from a brand’s profile on Twitter and above all, Twitter will generate a new income stream. It is clearly a win-win-win situation for Twitter.

Other than this, Twitter is also testing a new upvote and downvote feature on tweets along with several other new updates. Jack Dorsey clearly has some plans for Twitter as in one of his comments he mentions that Bitcoin will be a big part of Twitter’s future. Maybe, Twitter would allow its users to shop directly from the website with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, someday!



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