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Twitter makes a dedicated team to work on crypto and Dapps

Twitter makes a dedicated team to work on crypto and Dapps as the popularity and demand for both rise. While these two are important, it is also essential to know that Twitter won’t stay limited to these two. The social media platform plans to explore and work on any other popular blockchain tech too (if it comes up). They also plan to promote the use of Dapps and another blockchain tech among creators.

Twitter’s sharp focus on crypto

Twitter has been working on various features to add blockchain support to the platform. They even recently integrated their cash app with Twitter so users can use the icon on anyone’s platform to send money. Their focus is not just crypto but the wide range of other technologies that are present in the space. And the final thing would be to integrate more of these technologies on their platform.

Twitter makes a dedicated team to work on crypto

They will first focus on payments and people earning crypto and then make the entire platform decentralized. Rinearson said that she builds the team for this; the goal will be to see what they can do for crypto and crypto can do for Twitter. One of the primary ways of doing that will be to promote Twitter as a hub for all blockchain things. So, as Twitter makes a dedicated team to work on crypto, we can expect a lot more innovation from the company, and maybe they will add some BTC to their portfolio. The company is already earning it through tips and NFT projects.

Twitter and Square works on blockchain tech

A few days back, Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he plans to make Twitter the native currency of the internet. He proposed a lot of initiatives to strengthen the network effect, one of which was to sell a mining device to consumers that will just need to be plugged in, and bam; it starts making money. This will help in further improving the network of Bitcoin and also make it more decentralized.

What are your thoughts as Twitter makes a dedicated team to work on crypto? And do you think they will be able to pull off something really good here? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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