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Robinhood might list Shiba Inu but could take time

Robinhood might list Shiba Inu as the petition crosses 526k signatures. The company’s Chief Operating Officer has also given an update on the company’s crypto wallet launch. Both of these will be a good thing for the platform as their quarter-to-quarter revenue has been dropping. The popularity of Shiba Inu and people trading it wildly on the platform could help Robinhood boost its profits.

Robinhood’s plans

After the enthusiasm shown by Shiba Inu investors and supporters to get it listed on Robinhood, the COO of the platform Christine Brown talked about a strategy for listing. At the same time, she gave an update on the upcoming crypto launch. On being enquired about the plans to list Shiba Inu (if any), she said that their listing strategy is different from others. And the first and foremost thing is that she is not going to talk about it or inform any new tokens they will list. Christine also added that they do not rush listing assets like most other platforms in the market.

Robinhood might list Shiba Inu

Their goal is long-term growth and not short-term gains. Therefore, Robinhood assesses everything from a regulatory point of view before taking any step. She said they are a safety-first company, so we can be almost sure that the Shiba Inu listing is going to take time. Christin did acknowledge the petition and said the fact that the community is engaging with them is great.

The crypto wallet

Robinhood also plans to launch its crypto wallet really soon. It will allow users to move supported tokens from their used exchanges onto the wallet. The COO also informed that they already have a 1.6 million waitlist on the product, which seems to be pretty great. The company is taking it slow and bringing access to a few users to check if things are well. Robinhood is primarily focusing on the security of the wallet. This is why they are also building multifactor authentication to make sure that security is at the top. They are figuring things out doing it slowly, which seems to be a great step.

What are your thoughts on the fact that Robinhood might list Shiba Inu but some time later? And do you think that the methodology of taking things slow is good in this aspect? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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