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Twitter might start using phone numbers to verify

For many people, getting verified on Twitter is a source of prestige, but with that out of the way, it’s crucial to recognise that there are a variety of issues that might arise during the verification process.

It’s possible, for example, that an account pretending to be a real person will be validated instead of the person themselves. Because this is the type of thing that could reduce the value of verification, Twitter may start requiring users to provide phone numbers to be verified.

This will not be limited to verified accounts either. According to a platform spokeswoman, all profiles may receive a badge that indicates phone number verification. This is a fantastic technique to ensure that no one malicious uses the site, but it might be inconvenient for users who want anonymity once everything has been reviewed and taken into account.

Many persons who need to be verified are unable to reveal their identities for safety reasons, making it impossible for them to remain anonymous.

There are numerous examples of persons who should not be verified because they are not well-known, despite the fact that many well-known and powerful people have not received a blue tick without explanation. This would undoubtedly fix the problem, but it is possible that it would create more difficulties than it solves.

These proposals are still in the early stages, so they may not materialise, but if they do, many users will be concerned about the phone verification badge. It will be fascinating to observe how users react to this if it is implemented, as well as the impact it has on how people interact with the site.



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