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Twitter surges with excitement as Square Enix Presentation takes center stage.

E3 2021 comes with a promise of excitement and surprises. Gamers all over the globe look forward to the event with anticipation for surprising reveals and more. And now the excitement has become twofold with the Square Enix Presentation taking the spotlight. For the past many years, Square Enix has made a mark by conducting its own conferences, and fans should expect nothing less this year.

Although the details regarding the presentation were quite vague and hazy. However, a new game from Eidos Montreal is guaranteed. The show will also present an update on the Platinum Games’ Babylon’s Fall. These are only surface-level surprises since the show promises much more.

The excitement and anticipation are very well reflected on Twitter with fans from all over the globe speculating and wondering about their favorite games. This underscores the fact that no matter what gamers are always game for a wave of excitement.

Here is a compilation of the responses and reactions from Twitter.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is on fire!

Do not frown upon the clowns for they are all set to own the world.

High on anticipation bordering on fantasy.

Only a Square Enix presentation could elicit this sort of response and readiness from fans.

Is that a request or threat?

It has come to that point where anything is everything.

Life is short. It is only right to live it fair and ‘square.’

And we are not short of appreciation.

Priorities are important after all.

Talk about saving grace.

It is a rather weird coincidence that Square Enix rhymes with phoenix.



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