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Twitter’s social audio feature, ‘Spaces’ will now be accessible from a desktop

Twitter Spaces

Source: How-To Geek

Social audio has become the next best thing in social media and it might soon be head-to-head with video and picture-based platforms like Instagram and Facebook. As of today, social audio can be referred to as the budding trend whose acknowledgements came with the launch of Clubhouse, a dedicated social audio platform. The hype was unreal and that is when other technology companies and giants realised the existence of a new potential niche where they can expand. Facebook and Twitter rushed to develop their own versions of a social audio platform and they succeeded.

Anyhow, Twitter has recently announced that its social audio feature- ‘Spaces’ will be available for users to use on any browser, basically, the platform will now be available and accessible from your desktops and laptops. Up till now, users could create Spaces Rooms only from their iOS and Android-based smartphones and starting from Wednesday, Desktop browsers will also support Spaces on Twitter.

Twitter’s Spaces is easy to use, easier to host and the easiest to join. According to the screenshots shared by the social networking company, the applicability of Spaces is so well thought of that it is placed on the bottom right corner of the Twitter page, giving users the freedom to scroll through their Twitter feed while joining someone’s Spaces room and listening to what they have to say.

Spaces has finally made its way to Twitter for the web and according to the company, the main area of focus has been the listening User Interface that adapts to various screen sizes, accessibility and transcriptions, and enabling reminders for scheduling Spaces on Twitter.

Spaces was launched on mobile devices earlier in May allowing users with more than 600 followers to host and join Spaces on iOS or Android device from Twitter. The social audio platform is getting a lot of attention since Clubhouse was first launched. Twitter is buckling up on their updates and improving its user experiencing significantly to remain competitive in this highly specific niche.

Facebook is dedicatedly diving deep into the future of social audio and has already launched multiple products and services to boost social audio in the technology industry. After Instagram and its core social media app, Facebook Inc. is now expanding its wings to social audio as a separate niche.

Twitter’s Spaces has been getting a lot of positive feedback and response from its users and five years down the line, social audio will become a mainstream application for users to communicate and interact with one another.




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