U.S. is forming National AI Advisory Committee for the government

Source: SlashGear

The United States of America is stepping into Artificial Intelligence, thanks to President Joe Biden’s focus on science and technology in the development of the country. Yes, the President himself is a technology enthusiast and he is reportedly delivering on his promise of paying strong emphasis on Artificial Intelligence.

According to recent reports, the Biden administration is taking its first step in cultivating Artificial Intelligence and integrating the technology within our lifestyles and government functionality as well. The White House Office of Science and Technology, the Commerce Department, and the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office are joining hands to form an advisory body called the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC) that will be responsible for advising the U.S. government and the President himself on issues related to Artificial Intelligence and technology.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee will advise the Biden administration on topics of scientific progress, technological advancement, employment and viability of national strategy, and more. The report further notes that the newly formed committee will also be responsible to address ethical issues ranging from algorithmic bias and accountability.

Reports suggest that the United States government is pushing for greater adoption of Artificial Intelligence within the government departments. However, there are some advocates who are against the use of Artificial Intelligence within the government, especially “Facial Recognition”. However, as Engadget notes, the NAIAC could make Artificial Intelligence more frequent in already existing government policies and create new Artificial Intelligence specific policies.

In another concern, we are all aware of the increasing cyberattacks in the United States, and advancing technology and integration of Artificial Intelligence within the government agencies could pose a threat to the Federal government, directly or indirectly.

Technology is meant to make lives easier but sometimes, bad actors could make their way to pose potential threats. If technology giants like Microsoft can get attacked by hackers and cyber attackers, the government might have to be more cautious with its plans to integrate technology within its agencies.

The Department of Defense recently had a meeting with major technology companies to build security systems for the government to protect national interests and Artificial Intelligence will have a major role to play in the coming future.

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