Uber’s New Technological Shift Could Prove To Be A Master Stroke


1 February, 2016, USA: Uber is known for its new experiments with technology. In its recent development, the company has found a new way to gather its customers’ feedback. It will be using a built-in technology within smartphones such as the gyrometer , accelerometer and GPS to get the feedback from its customers. With this new additional technology, the company will be monitoring its drivers on the parameters such as how fast a driver is moving and how often they start and stop. Though the technology is in testing mode right now and currently it is applicable in Houston, Texas, the company is planning to execute it globally once it completes the test successfully.

Apart from judging the speed and halts of the driver, gyrometer will also enable the company to monitor the movement of the phone. If the device (smartphone) had moved a lot during the ride, it clearly indicates that the drive was not focused while driving. This new move has certainly created a lot buzz in the market but the company has its legitimate reasons for that. This feature will not only going to tighten up the security but it will also keep the company’s drivers under a scanner.

Once it is launched globally, each and every driver who signs a deal with Uber will also agrees to give the company an access to his mobile data. Speaking about the new addition, the company stated, “It wants to use this data to help verify feedback left by drivers and riders. So if a rider, for example, leaves negative feedback for a driver because they drove too quickly, or hit the brakes too hard and too frequently, Uber can check to see whether that was the case. If the data proves otherwise, the driver’s feedback record won’t be impacted.”