Udacity partners with Upwork to develop free course on Managing Remote Teams


07 April 2020, India:

Edtech startup Udacity has created and released a free course in collaboration with Upwork, to promote best practices for remote team management as many companies find themselves working with distributed teams.

A one-hour course, Managing Remote Teams with Upwork will help managers and other team leaders learn the tools and develop the skills and strategies needed to hire, manage, and optimize remote teams.

Gabriel Dalporto, CEO, Udacity, said, “As businesses strive to continue day-to-day operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, they need to adapt their processes to what is quickly becoming the new normal. Remote work has replaced on-site interactions for countless workers across the globe.”

Gabriel Dalporto, CEO, Udacity, added, “While many tasks can be completed from home, the best practices for doing so – and for managing this newly distributed workforce – are still something of an enigma to many team leads. At Udacity, we wanted to provide a solution to help our customers better understand how to operate in an online workspace. Upwork proved to be the perfect partner to help us close that knowledge gap.”

Hayden Brown, President and CEO, Upwork, said, “The rapid pivot to adopting fully remote teams can be jarring for organizations. We are working to provide solutions that can help our customers, as well as the general public, successfully adapt to working with a distributed workforce in light of COVID-19.”

Hayden Brown, added, “For over 20 years, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes increase effectiveness by working with independent professionals located around the world. By partnering to share our expertise with Udacity’s network of enterprise clients and other learners, we’re able to have the greatest impact for those in need of skills development to better manage their distributed teams.”

(Image – Udacity)