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Uganda National Museum creates NFTs with IT firm-Murcom

The Uganda National Museum is creating a digital footprint of unique collectibles on display there. Moreover, Murcom, a software development firm, is helping them to display and auction these tokens on the Binance NFT marketplace. This is a big move for the NFT market.

Uganda National Museum to create NFT

Image Source: BBC

The technology behind the Idea of using Uganda National Museum’s artifacts

The way Murcom does it is quite interesting because they use their MUDA NFT platform to represent digital items using blockchain technology. Moreover, displaying and auctioning these collectibles will occur at cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure provider Binance Marketplace.

The partnership with the national museum will help Murcom create an online webpage to display the NFTs. The IT experts will follow a straightforward process. First, they will take shots of the artifacts, convert them to digital art, and then apply them to the blockchain. And Voila! Murcom gets it as an NFT. Murcom director Suleiman Murunga explains the procedure and amazes us with this unique idea of creating NFT using old specimens.

Also, Binance Africa tweeted about African creators and their innovative thought on NFT. As part of 100 creators, the NFTs of unique artifacts from the Uganda National Museum will also display their visuals and digital art forms.

Let’s talk a little about Uganda National Museum.
The Uganda National Museum - Pre colonial History Africa

Image Source: Uganda Safaris

The museum is located in Kampala, Uganda, and is one of the oldest museums in the East of Africa. The government of Uganda wanted to turn the museum into an East African Trade Center. Fascinated yet? Can you believe that in 2011, this very museum was on the verge of being destroyed by the Government? But now, they are getting into new technologies as well. So, yes, it does feel like the museum is only providing unique artifacts. But don’t you think if they didn’t preserve these artifacts, then they wouldn’t be in Binance top 100 NFT creators? There are many collections from the 60s. And these items are still on view in the Paleontology Gallery.

Brainstorming facts about NFT

Suppose you are wondering what Non-Fungible Tokens are; let me break it down for you. “Non-Fungible” means Unique/ one-of-a-kind, and that means if you are trading with your token, you won’t be getting the same thing in return. Still difficult to understand? It is like giving your friend a card from your collection of Dragon Ballz characters and getting something else in return. And that is the end of the deal. No more transactions. It is that simple.

Though NFTs are totally based on blockchain technology, that makes them unique and different from others. NFTs consist of different digital art forms like videos, GIFs, photos, digital art, etc.

Now we know about NFTs as well. So, what are your thoughts about creating NFTs with unique artifacts from the National Museum of Uganda? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you like the content, do like and share our content with your friends and family.



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