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Tesla’s Cybertruck At Home In Muddy Construction Areas
While critics said the Cybertruck wont fit-in, the truck looks suitable.

The futuristic stainless-steel-made Cybertruck was spotted in Austin Tesla Giga Factory. Though Tesla’s Cybertruck is criticized for its looks, it actually looks normal in action.

Tesla Cybertruck pays visit to Gigafactory Texas with Elon Musk behind the wheel

When Elon Musk Drove the Cybertruck to the Giga factory a few months back.

Serious work

While Ford F-150 is being designed with traditional design, the look was very appreciated. Now, Cybertruck being located in action in the construction site gives another perspective. In fact, it fits in more than expected.

Tesla Cybertruck looks at home as a work truck with Giga Texas' workers

As posted in Instagram by @tesla.cybertruck

Electric pickups are largely bought in bulk, for loading and unloading. And the Cybertruck is actually better than other electric pickups in the market in terms of features and capabilities. But, it was known to lack in looks. As the stainless steel look is known to give the truck strength, but it weird for users to work.

Additionally, the added features of Cybertruck being released home on wheels and other options by other companies. It made it look like the car isn’t for typically affordable fleets.

In fact, the truck is better because it is much easier to clean off and have the truck as new as before. The lowest range starts before $39,900 for 250 miles. While the F-150 lightning with a traditional look costs $39,974 for a 230-mile range.

Cleaning the truck

Malco Automotive actually tested the cleaning options and stated their experience. While they said the yellowish spots were still there despite using a standard mitt. When they used an IPA-based cleaning solution, the surface looked clean.

After using IPA based cleaning solution. Image credits- Malco Automotive.

Yet, there is no argument that the truck is easier to maintain. And it is also suggested that for extra care, in case the user wants to have a neat product. They can use ceramic coatings or waves. Further, it becomes even easier to maintain, as not much dirt gets accumulated.

But, it is observed that the coating can leave odd marks if the truck were to get a scratch or marks. However, an electric pick-up is meant to be tough on the road. The little yellowish dirt is mostly not seen from afar.

Finally, the futurist look is meant to look that way. Not only the features, but it enables the manufacturing of the truck more effectively. If you are familiar with Tesla’s concept of futuristic manufacturing, they are aiming to make cars in one piece, like a toy car. It is much effective and can produce more vehicles, without needing to assemble and check the parts individually.

The recent production robots seen in the Texas factory are part of Tesla’s futuristic manufacturing concept.



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