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Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy coming to PC in Early 2022

Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy

Credit @ Naughty Dog

PlayStation has announced that Uncharted 4 and the remastered Lost Legacy will be released in early 2022. The PC version of Uncharted will be released together with the PS5 version with the help of the developer Iron Galaxy. The game is being developed by Iron Galaxy, according to a PlayStation blog published alongside the original PS4 version, without giving further details on what version or type of improvements is expected.

Uncharted 4 PS5 and PC ports were unveiled at PlayStation Showcase 2021. The showcase was full of surprises and updates on popular PlayStation titles with one of the big highlights being the confirmation that fans of the Uncharted will be getting a PC port. Both games were announced as PS5 upgrades, PC ports, and a new trailer that debuted at the event.

The Lost Legacy contains a lot of reused assets, including the entire action sequence of Uncharted 2 with the same strong production values as Naughty Dog games, so it should be a lot of fun. The Lost Legacy will feature many reused assets, such as stealing the whole action sequence of Uncharted 2 and the same powerful production values from Naughty Dogs games but should also be fun.

There has been a lot of speculation about the existence of Uncharted 5, as Naughty Dog appears to be finished with the show. Both Uncharted games will be released on PC and PlayStation 5, but fans of the franchise have given up hope that they will be ported to both platforms. Last May, Sony stated in a report that Uncharted 4 was “only a few days” away from porting to the PC. The hit series of Nathan Drake, the creator of Naughty Dog, was most recently a huge success with The Last of Us Part II that hit the cinemas in June 2020.

The PlayStation blog states that the PlayStation Classic PC version of the PlayStation Classic will be released in 2022 before the PlayStation 5 version of Uncharted 4 but no end date has been set for the latter. The PS5 version, which will be supplied with everything else, will hit the market in early 2022 according to Sony, while the PC version will appear on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Although the DualSense extensions are not detailed, it is reasonable to assume that remasters of Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy will provide tactile feedback support and adaptive triggers as many of the first titles in the game did. Sony confirmed the arrival of Uncharted 4s to the PC market back in May during an extraordinary investor meeting.

Credit @ Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4 fans have no idea when the PC port will be available. The PC port will be developed by Iron Galaxy Studios, which also developed the PS5 version. Considering that Sony has already confirmed that it will release a PS5 remaster, fans won’t have to wait long.

The PC version is scheduled to appear on Steam and the Epic Games Store, so if you’d rather buy your PC games there, you’ll do so. The revamped collection is the first time that one of the Uncharted games has hit the PC, and it’s a treat for anyone new to this fantastic series.

The Uncharted series launched in 2007, but remained exclusive to the PlayStation console for much of its life.
PlayStation announced at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event that The Lost Legacy and Thiefs End will be getting a remastered and a port for PC and PlayStation 5. It’s a good day for nostalgia and Uncharted fans will rejoice at the news that two games are coming to the PlayStation 5: Thiefs End, a standalone expansion, and The Lost Legacy, a remake of the original game. There are some rumors floating around that Sony is also working on a PS5 remake of the classic The Last of Us.

Credit @ Naughty Dog

The Legacy of the Thief Collection does not include Uncharted 1-3, which means PC players will have to go through Nathan Drake’s journey to the end. The story of The Lost Legacy will start right after the events of Thiefs End and will follow original characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross who is the antagonist of Uncharted 4 . With the help of the famous mercenary Nadine, Chloe ventures to India’s the Western Ghats, which lies between the Golden Tusk and Ganesh.

The game trailer unveiled on 9 September at the PlayStation Showcase showed glimpses of remastered footage with more consistent frame rates and confirmed that Thiefs End and The Lost Legacy are coming. We are also excited that more players will have the chance to find Nathan, Chloe, Nadine, and the rest of the Legacy of the Thief cast and fall in love.

Sony has not clarified how different the remastered collections for PC and PS5 will be. As for the improvements that the remasters will bring to the table, we do not know much at the moment. As the date approaches, more details about the titles are being discussed, according to Iron Galaxy.

A presentation document released as part of Sony’s 2021 Investor Day in May dubbed Uncharted 4 as one of the upcoming PC versions. The game is listed as “in the days to go” on Sony’s list of titles slated for release on the PC. We expect Sony to announce more important details as we get closer to the release window of the revised collections in 2022.



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