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Upcoming Apple AirPods Pro 2 specification and features revealed online
The specifications and features of the next Apple AirPods Pro 2 have been exposed online.

Upcoming Apple AirPods Pro 2 specification and features revealed online

Upcoming Apple AirPods Pro 2 specification and features revealed online
Image Credits: MacRumors

The Apple AirPods Pro 2 will very certainly join the recently announced AirPods 3 to round up Apple’s next-generation wireless earphones portfolio. Just like the current AirPods Pro improve on the original Apple AirPods with a more premium design and a slew of new capabilities, the AirPods Pro 2 will do the same.

In addition to key enhancements to sound quality and active noise suppression, the AirPods Pro 2 is expected to come with brand-new features, like as built-in fitness monitoring.

The AirPods Pro is currently among the best wireless earbuds money can buy, so considerable new features will almost certainly be required if Apple wants to demonstrate that the AirPods Pro 2 is a significant step forward. Meanwhile, here’s what we know so far, including a possible AirPods Pro 2 release date, pricing, specifications, features, and more.

When will Apple AirPods Pro 2 released?

When will Apple AirPods Pro 2 released

When will Apple AirPods Pro 2 released
Image Credits: Konstantin Milenin

We were expecting the AirPods Pro 2 to be released this year, but it now appears that the wireless earbuds will not be available until 2022. This is according to various rumors and tips, the most recent of which came from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The fact that Apple just released the AirPods 3 at its most recent Apple event further implies that we won’t see them this year, since they would have been shown with the cheaper buds otherwise.

If we had to anticipate a release date, we’d think early 2022, perhaps springtime is the most likely moment for the AirPods Pro 2 to make their appearance. Despite the fact that Apple hasn’t traditionally introduced a lot of items in the spring.

Expected specification and features for Apple AirPods Pro 2

Expected specification and features for Apple AirPods Pro 2

Expected specification and features for Apple AirPods Pro 2
Image Credits: Varun K (Twitter)

The AirPods Pro 2 is said to place a stronger emphasis on fitness usage, with enhanced sensors and workout monitoring functions. It’s unclear what those characteristics are, but they might be comparable to how the Soul Blade earbuds detect heart rate or how the Amazon Echo Buds 2 track steps, distance, duration, calories, and speed in ‘Workout’ mode.

Kevin Lynch, an Apple executive, has also hinted at more fitness monitoring functions for AirPods. While Lynch did not directly mention the AirPods Pro 2 or any other model, he did state that sensor fusion had “all sorts of promise” for AirPods. This enables data from two sets of sensors, such as an iPhone and an Apple Watch, to be combined for more precise tracking.

Given that the existing AirPods Pro has accelerometers and gyroscopes, it’s simple to imagine how the AirPods Pro 2 may be modified to function with Apple’s sensor fusion system. It would also be compatible with new iOS 15 features such as walking stability.

Furthermore, you will most likely notice a modest improvement in sound quality, which LeaksApplePro believes will arrive in the form of “a bit better” noise cancellation. It’s probable that Apple will make modest changes to the adaptive EQ. Add to the list the Ear Tip Fit Test, one of the latest capabilities offered on the AirPods Pro to identify the optimal fit for enhanced sound.

While the AirPods Pro 2 won’t have the AirPods Max’s (40mm) driver size, Apple might be working its magic to give these next-generation AirPods their own bespoke acoustic design that enhances audio. It’s probable that Apple will make modest adjustments to the adaptive EQ as well.

All indications point to the H1 chip powering the AirPods Pro 2. If this is accurate, you can expect enhanced audio latency, energy management (50 percent greater talk time), and connection, as well as hands-free “Hey Siri” compatibility and Audio Share, which allows you to listen to music on two pairs of AirPods or Beats headphones from a single audio source.

With no details on the AirPods Pro 2’s battery life available, we can only depend on speculation and what the first model has given consumers, which has been quite meager. The battery life of the AirPods Pro (4.5 hours) is less than that of the AirPods 3. (6 hours). There’s no reason to think it’ll change.

In fact, depending on the specifications, playtimes might be even shorter, however, LeaksApplePro claims the device will have “improved battery life,” whatever that means. With 24 hours of overall gameplay, you can also anticipate the wireless charging case to remain intact.

Expected pricing for Apple AirPods 2

Expected pricing for Apple AirPods 2

Expected pricing for Apple AirPods 2
Image Credits: Xavier Naxa (Twitter)

The original AirPods Pro had an MSRP of $249, making them wireless earbuds the most costly in the category at the time of debut.

We don’t see Apple decreasing the price given how well they continue to sell and the abundance of AirPods promotions. This is especially true now that more costly rivals like the Master & Dynamic MW08 and Bowers & Wilkins PI7 are available.

If considerable enhancements are performed, Apple may feel obligated to hike the price by $25 or $50. Overall, reports that Apple will keep the AirPods Pro 2 at $249 appear to be accurate. Especially if the original AirPods Pro is reduced in price to compensate.

That’s the path Apple has chosen with the new AirPods 3, which cost $179 — somewhat more than the $159 price of the AirPods 2, but now include a wireless charging case as standard, which previously cost an additional $40.

Apple has also reduced the price of the AirPods 2 to $129, so it is likely that Apple will do the same with the Proline, keeping the new model at nearly the same price as the previous one while lowering it.

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