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Upcoming Cyberpunk game “Vigilance 2099” Is Aiming For A Console Release

Vigilance 2099

Envoidant the studio behind the coming cyberpunk-themed indie game Vigilance (2099) has released a detailed new gameplay trailer showing the driving mechanics and battle. The gameplay also focused on hacking, shooting, flying, parkour elements, vehicle control, and more The first gameplay video for the independent game Vigilance 2099 was released in 2019. A few days ago, new gameplay appeared on the Internet, and it looks amazing.

Vigilance 2099 is inspired by Bladerunner, Cyberpunk, and the never-released Prey 2. The small three-person studio is still in the early stages of development, but has already shown short scenes of gameplay and disclosed potential plans, including a console release. The new trailer for the upcoming game Vigilante 2099 shows the gameplay of the upcoming game. The developers of the game explained that they don’t want to give too much away or promise too much, but described the Vigilance 2099 outlaw system will be similar to the Shadow of Mordor’s nemesis system.

Fans have been patient for some time now with their stunningly designed world and interesting fight approach to shown in the last gameplay. Vigilance 2099 is an indie game developed by Envoidant Studios that is the concept to do more with less from the shoes of a bounty hunter living in a cyberpunk society. It shows gameplay from a project dedicated to headhunting in a world of victorious cyberpunk.

We are proud today to report that Nasnakarus released a brand new gameplay video for a new indie game inspired by Blade Runner and the canceled Prey 2 game Vigilance 2099. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 for bounty hunting and parkour elements. Vigilance looks better than ever, and I hope Nas and his team continue to improve it.

The $20.99 watch doesn’t come close to a release date. Vigilance 2099 uses Unreal Engine 4, but this has little to do with the game. The developer’s Twitter account has posted updates for the Discord server, and no current dealer page has popped up. They have stated that they plan to open a fundraiser to fund the project.

The devs haven’t said a word about the potential release date as the team working on the game is small, so we imagine it will take a while for everything to be available in production and installed on their computers. They have so far confirmed a couple of things like the ability to switch to first-person, the ability to parkour, and a well-built dialog delivery system. The game will also be available to consoles.



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