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US NHTSA investigates driver assistance systems after crashes
Cadillac, Tesla, Volvo, Navya and Lexus are the five car companies under investigation.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating the car crashes which could be caused due to Automation system usage. Such crashes are suspected to have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS) because certain car companies have started providing the technology. The companies involved are Cadillac, Tesla, Volvo, Navya, and Lexus.

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Usually, the self-driving system is to be used when the driver is paying attention. And when the driver can take over in case the system was to fail. However, misusing the advanced tech is nothing new, and is often experimented on by users. Leading to suspicions about the advanced driver assistance systems capability.

Data released

The data released by NHTSA shows that there are a total of 36 accidents to be investigated. Out of which 30 accidents are found to involve Tesla cars. Only 3 Tesla car accidents were concluded as “autopilot wasn’t involved”. Furthermore, five Tesla accidents were listed as “More Over Law Special Study”. And one as “Heavy Truck Underride.”

The other car companies include Cadillac, Volvo, Navya, and Lexus. There is not much evidence to prove Tesla being the safest with these accidents. Because Tesla is the only company offering its self-driving system access to almost every customer. It may vary depending on the location. In the US the push towards an advanced driver assistance system is getting ahead. While other companies do offer their services, Tesla is the one to provide the in-app option.

Testing the driving assistance systems

Tesla’s system is designed in such a way, that more people can have access to it. Unlike other car companies where the progress isn’t that advanced. On the other hand, Waymo offers self-driving car rides, a robotaxi. Which doesn’t give the opportunity for the user to misuse the technology. But has a location limitation, because Waymo has permission to test cars only in Pheonix.

In a way, Tesla’s advancement is on another level, to provide driving assistance to everyone. And with the recent updates, Tesla has assured that their system is the safest one available. But there are companies which proved that their system is better than others. Cadillac Super Cruise and Waymo are being tested regularly, and have proved reliable.

Furthermore, in March, a senior director of consumer reports mentioned that BMW had incredible technology. Where its Infrared sensor embedded system alerts the user quickly by tracking the head position, eyelids, and other minimal details. He further added, “If Tesla has the ability to determine if the driver isn’t paying attention, it needs to warn the driver at the moment, like other automakers already do,”

This is a notable point, because in some recorded videos of Tesla FSD Beta usage. It can be seen that the camera didn’t warn when the driver was using the phone or when the car was about to hit a cardboard-made pedestrian.

While the above-stated things on Tesla are true, the other cars with advanced driving assistance haven’t specifically been tested in real-time. People did not get easy access, if they did, they were limited to certain locations. It is most likely that more such things will come to attention as other car-makers commercialize their advanced driving assistance systems.